Box And One With Dee Brown

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 24, 2009

SEATTLE (BASN) — Dee Brown played basketball because he loved the sport.

It earned him a scholarship to Jacksonville University and then with the 19th overall pick of the 1990 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Boston Celtics.

“Being a Boston Celtic was one of the greatest opportunities of my professional career”, said Brown. “I was lucky to be a part of that organization and have access to the wealth of knowledge from the veteran players and coaching staff every day,”.

I can still remember his performance during the 1991 NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest wearing the Reebok Pumps.

That was one of my favorite basketball shoes of all time!

“I was really surprised by the success of that shoe and the many people that come up to me with high regards and praise of it”, he added.

It was a complete honor when Reebok released the Omni Light during the NBA All Star game in Arizona last year.”

Becoming a basketball coach has been a natural progression for Brown, who now holds the title of Head Coach of the D-League’s Springfield Armor.

Coach Brown has been training and developing talent at various skill levels for the past few years in his own facility called the EDGE Basketball in Florida .

“Teaching the game of basketball has always been my passion”, said Brown.

It doesn’t matter to me if the players are in high school, college, WNBA, or the NBA D-League,”.

“I’m with the Springfield Armor not only to change lives of these players but most importantly change the mindset and teach these athletes how to approach the game and become successful,” Brown continued.

It’s really tough at this level for some because everyday these players are being evaluated and they’re always under the microscope. The work is continuous and you’ve got to perform in order to advance.

“The only difference between a player in the NBA and D-League is opportunity and being in the right place at the right time”, stated Brown.

It’s important for these players to understand their value and show us what they bring to the table,”

Nobody really wants to go overseas to play basketball and the D-League is the perfect platform to show your talents while perfecting your craft.

“Every game these players are auditioning for 30 teams in the NBA and I’m not only teaching them how to get there but how to stay there too”, commented Brown.

” When these guys leave our squad I don’t want to see them again.”

When the Springfield Armor take the floor on opening day there may be a few things that seem a little familiar. “Listen, as a Boston Celtic I had access to some of the greatest minds of the game at every practice,” said Brown.

For example, K.C. Jones has eight NBA Championship rings, two NCAA Championship rings and an Olympic Gold Medal. I have to put that knowledge to use.”

You can expect the Armor to be intense and their defense will define them.

“We are going to keep it simple and play to our strengths.

You will get a few different looks from us but we are going to make it happen in Springfield ,” said Brown.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you paid 1 dollar or 100 dollars for a ticket, when we step on the court you’re going to see a talented team and some exciting basketball.

We will give our fans something.”