A.I. Has Always Been The Answer

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 9, 2009

SEATTLE (BASN) — I wrote an article a few weeks ago regarding the Memphis Grizzlies’ Allen Iverson and received a great deal of e-mails from many of you.

I was most impressed with some very descriptive ways in which some suggested that I throw myself over a cliff but referring to my mother as a Wilderbeast was a bit too much.

I do understand the passion for which some have for their favorite team and the athletes that play on them.

The same argument can be made for music genre or favorite groups.

It wasn’t my intent to bash A.I, I think that he’s a great player.

I was there when he suited up for the first time with the Philadelphia 76ers at the Spectrum.

I questioned his ability of fitting in with the existing squad on the Memphis Grizzlies roster and challenged his leadership.

The only question that I put before the readers was simple and plain — When Iverson retires will anyone notice or care?

At of press time, Iverson is on indefinite leave of absence for a personal matter from the Grizzlies and it doesn’t appear that he and Coach Lionel Hollins aren’t communicating at this time.

Iverson signed a one year contract with Memphis in September and has played for four different teams in less than five years.

His less than stellar performance with the Detroit Pistons last season along with the maturation of Rodney Stuckey made it easy for them not to resign the 14-year-pro out of Georgetown .

This year, Allen started the season on the bench nursing a hamstring injury and has only played in three games since returning averaging 12.3 points, 3.7 assists in just over 20 minutes.

It’s never easy watching our sports heroes diminish in their super powers and see them struggle at things that were once so simple.

At this stage of Iverson’s career he has an opportunity to be much more than what shows up in the stats.

For whatever reason, he’s not really doing a good job of positioning himself for life after basketball or making himself marketable as a possible TV analyst in the future.

It’s this type of destructive behavior that’s going to cost A.I. greatly in the future.

There are several former NBA All-Stars that have retired without as much as a mention in the local newspaper paper and I think that it would be tragedy for this to happen to A.I.

That being said, Earvin “Magic” Johnson not only revolutionized the guard position but was the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball!

On November 11, 1991 when Magic Johnson announced that he would have to retire from the Lakers because of the HIV virus that he had contracted, the world heard him!