A clearer picture for the BCS??

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 22, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — My Iowa Hawkeyes defeated the Minnesota Golden Gophers in a game in which great defenses collided with inept offenses.

Freshman quarterback James Vandenberg showed at times that he was a freshman and Minnesota continued their streak of not scoring any points from the offensive side.

The Hawkeyes took advantages of turnovers and provided enough offensive to compliment the defense.

Iowa now is 10-2 and in the hunt for a BCS bowl game.

Remember other than the national championship game, all other bowl games are nothing more than exhibition battles for conference pride and a ton of money.

For bowl committees, what matters is how many tickets a team can sell for a particular bowl game. Iowa provides plenty of fans ready to escape cold Iowan winters to follow their team.

Meanwhile, TCU and Boise State continued to make statements that they should be part of the big money party as they won decisively. However, with both teams still being undefeated, it still may not be enough to crack the BCS party.

These teams do not come from NCAA favored conferences and if anything, the NCAA big boys really don’t like to share their money with the less fortunate or less favored.


Watching Colt McCoy, one can’t be helped to be reminded of the last great Texas quarterback, Vince Young.

Both of these quarterbacks can run and both were excellent college throwers.

McCoy is the better passer but Young the better runner.

Young is still trying to harness his talent into becoming a NFL quarterback but he may have turned the corner over the past three games.

McCoy has the athletic skills to be an NFL quarterback but athletic skills alone are not enough to be a great or even a good NFL quarterback.

UT beat up on Kansas 51-20 to move ever closer to their shot at a national title.


Florida has scored something like 160 points against their out of conference opponents but it is reflection of the weakness of the opponent they play outside the SEC.

Against Florida International, Florida cleaned up, scoring on almost every possession.

The Gators failed to score on two possessions, one being a missed field goal and they ran out the close on the final drive.

Alabama beat up on Tennessee Chattanooga to continue their march to a final dramatic battle at the SEC championship. The Tide must face archrival Auburn and Florida has Florida State to deal with before the title game.

The best line of the weekend came when ESPN’s Lou Holtz noted that Tim Tebow is faster than he looked as ESPN showed highlights of him rumbling to a touchdown.

Mark May quipped, “It is just Florida International” that Tebow is running against.


Charlie Weis is now counting the time before he is shown the door at Notre Dame.

His first two years had Fighting Irish fans dreaming of national championships but since then, Weis have been nothing but a disappointment if not a disaster.

Over the past three years, he is 16-20 and this year, Notre Dame watered down their schedule to make a serious run at the national title. However, three straight losses including one to Navy for the second time in three years.

ND had won the previous 43 games.

The Irish offense is as good as any in the country, but their defense is a sieve. Their biggest mistake was giving Weis a big 10-year extension three years ago.

After winning 19 games in his first two years, Weis was a hot property with rumors of Weiss going back to the Pros.

Then Notre Dame felt the pressure to keep Weis. Now firing him will be an expensive enterprise as they will owe him at least $18 million dollars.

What will cost them more?

Coaxing a top level coach or paying off Weis ? Look for Notre Dame start sending out fundraising letters to the alumni that begins, “Hey, can you help us pay millions to get rid of Charlie?”


So as college football moves toward its preordained match up between Texas and the SEC champion, other stories are unfolding.

TCU coming back to national prominence.

Boise State is poised to finished undefeated again. Those are just two stories that threatens to expose the absurdity of a lack of a playoff.

Notre Dame continues its mediocrity and the Fighting Irish is preparing to fire its third head coach since the end of the Holtz era.

Iowa had provided Hawkeye fans with dreams of national championship before injuries and two tough losses ended the dream.

USC has suffered two devastating losses to Stanford and Oregon that ended the Trojans hold on the Pac-10. Now a team from Oregon will represent the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl against Ohio State.