Utah’s Flash Fox Is On A Mission

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 21, 2009

SEATTLE (BASN) — The NBA Development League is prepared to build from a successful 2008-09 season.

At this time, players all around the country are attending open tryouts for the chance to be part of the action on Draft day that takes place on November 5th.

I’ve just learned today that it isn’t just the players that are getting prepared for the upcoming season but the Mascots are in on it as well.

Flash Fox, mascot for the D-League’s Utah Flash, took all of his worldly belongings and climbed atop a billboard along southbound I-15 in American Fork and refuses to come down until 500 season tickets are sold.

At first glance, you might think that Flash Fox is a little extreme in his actions but I’ve been to a Utah Flash game and those fans are serious about their basketball!

Taking all of the necessary precautions he has a small chair, tent and a laptop.

He’s occupying most of his time by chatting with fans on-line and updating a web camera.

The weatherman is calling for some chilly weather tonight and I’m sure that Flash Fox would appreciate some company.

You can reach out to him right now at www.saveflashfox.com. It would really warm his heart to hear from you.

Many fans are stopping by and dropping off snacks while the Utah Flash team delivers food on a rope that Flash Fox can pull up from his perch.

I asked Flash Fox why he chose to climb up so high especially since most Fox’s have dens that are on the ground.

“Well, I needed to be somewhere that I could be scene and I didn’t want to be to close to the road because I’ve lost a lot of good friends that way,” stated Flash Fox.

“Sleeping is the biggest challenge for me being up here, it seems like there’s a train that goes by every other hour and the truck drivers blow their horns to say hello,” he added.

At press time, Flash Fox has been up there for six days and have a total of 285 season tickets sold.

“I’m not going anywhere until we’ve reached 500 stated Flash Fox.

“I’ve got enough food up here to last me for about two weeks but I’m sure that it won’t be needed,” he replied.