Titans owner wants VY to start

By Jim Wyatt
Updated: October 27, 2009

NASHVILLE — Titans owner Bud Adams wants Vince Young starting at quarterback beginning with Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.

Following the 59-0 loss to the Patriots on Oct. 18 that dropped the Titans to 0-6, Adams told The Tennessean he’d made Coach Jeff Fisher aware of his desire to see Young play.

In the past week the 86-year-old owner has been more direct, according to sources familiar with the situation. Adams wants the change now.

Adams and Fisher could not be reached for comment on Monday night.

At his weekly press conference earlier in the day, Fisher was non-committal when asked if Kerry Collins or Young would start this week, citing competitive reasons. It was the first time this season Fisher did not immediately say Collins would remain the starter.

“We’ve had a week to do some different things and considering the circumstances we’re in right now with the record, there’s things that you need to do differently,” Fisher said. “Let’s just say I am not going to be as specific and open-ended from a competitive standpoint.”

Fisher made it clear, however, that he remained confident in Collins, who has completed 54.8 percent of his passes while throwing five touchdowns and eight interceptions. Young saw mop-up duty the past two games, going 0-for-5 with an interception.

Neither Collins nor Young have been informed about their status.

They aren’t scheduled to be back from the bye weekend until today, when the Titans begin preparing for the Jaguars. There are indications the quarterback situation could continue to evolve over the next few days.

Last week Collins said he expected to remain the starter. Both quarterbacks worked with the first team offense, but that was no different than previous bye weeks.

While Fisher reiterated on Monday that some lineup changes could be in store, he again classified them as “minor.”

“Both quarterbacks had a good week,” Fisher said. “But (Collins) had an especially good week last week. … I am not going to go into details about lineup changes. Those are competitive issues.”

When the Titans started 0-3 in 2006, Young replaced Collins, guided the team to an 8-8 finish and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The third overall pick of the 2006 draft, Young went 18-11 in 29 starts over his first three seasons, but he’s been the backup since suffering a knee injury in the second half of the Sept. 9, 2008 game against the Jaguars.

Adams told The Tennessean last week he feels the Titans now need to see what they have in Young, who’s scheduled to count $14.2 million against the salary cap next season.

The Titans signed Collins to a two-year, $14 million contract in the offseason.

“I have been wanting (Fisher) to play Vince Young more because Collins has been having his problems out there,” Adams said. “I just think we need to find out how well (Young) can do.

“If you don’t play the guy and lose all your games, it is hard for you to see what he can do for you. Vince has won a lot of games for us.”