Straight No Chaser: That’s The Truth, Ruth!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 22, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — I surely do get my fair share of ” drop dead nigger” letters, most asking why I pound-out the . . . crap I do. I tell them, my father said “tell the truth,” he didn’t say a damn thing about “be polite” or “be mindful of their tender feelings.”

I’m lost as to why I can’t fight fire with . . . napalm? Why must I, representing the folks who clearly got the short-end of the stick over the last few centuries in this nation, why must I be so mature as to have to take the high road?

Why can’t I give them what I get? What’s wrong with a dose of your own medicine?

You can’t imagine some of the verbal abuse . . . And God forgive me, being the painted n’ tainted descendent of Cain and Hamm . . . , I’ve spoken out-of-turn, I’ve pissed off the Mormons, ending-up on some dude’s wives e-mail list, yes, wives in a plural fashion, by basically repeating what can be found on Wikipedia . . . .so I’m getting a few dozen

Every day, every mo-fo day, rankled Caucasian wordsmith’s degrade, debase, demean and put-down popular/noted Black Americans – from all walks of life, including sports – via all forms of mass communication; why must I not stoop to their level?

Why can’t I give it to them straight, no chaser? Why can’t I give as good as I get, take head shots, trade body blows, shots beneath the belt? I don’t need my grandmother to break it up, and I sure in the hell don’t need Mary Poppins nor Little Red Riding Hood to defend/define da’ hood . . . Black journalists and social critics rather do it ourselves, but even liberal outfits like Air America frown on Black folks allowed to speak their minds.

Honestly, I think little Mr. Republican has panty hose thin-skin, his fore-fathers have shielded him from ever having to face his accusers, hear our version of the story, so today . . . he can’t take the truth, he’ll implode/explode – show his real hand of hatred . . . .

Slip and speak the truth.

And, when it’s all said n’ done . . . you gotta’ bring ass – to get ass


Why can’t I, other Black wordsmith – pen exactly what we think, what we believe the grapevine to be abuzz with? Why are our observations – either minimized, attacked or dismissed as irreverent – when we, are without question – merely amplifying the same opinions you hear in black barbershops and backyards? Black cops, teachers, lawyers, businessmen, army men, painters, butchers, bakers and computer chip makers – most condemning someone like Rush “Bull Connor” Limbaugh purchasing an NFL plantation.

I shouldn’t point that out?

Why can’t I be both sharp . . . and blunt? Why must I ignore the hypocrisy and duplicity riddling sports, politics, Wall St . . . life in general? Race, economic class, gender, age even, and, horrifically – one’s personal religious beliefs – all elements for ever and a day in the American mix. Yet, White men persist in pretending they don’t see any of these components in life . . . .

Washington’s Sherm Lewis, with a resume packed with results, some 60-odd years old, and he finally, coming out of retirement, is about as close to a head coaching gig as he’s ever been in his illustrious NFL gridiron career . . . .

Ain’t that a Bitch!

And I as a guy who keeps one eye, my good eye, on the game of professional football – am I to conclude racism isn’t a considerable ingredient within the equation of how a guy like Lewis never got a shot at the top-job, in a league stuffed full of 38 year old Surfer boy wonders – pretending to be head coaches?

Can it be NFL owners share philosophical redneck turf with their buddy Rush?

Might that particular camaraderie, and a quick examination of who owners politically bankroll – have something to do with every thing from the make-up of coaches in the league, as well as something as insignificant as end zone celebrations?

Is it wrong, maybe disrespectful or even say vengeful for Black writers to point out the obvious; If Black men had been allowed to participate, guys like The Babe, DiMaggio, Mantle, Slingin’ Sammy, Bronco, the “Galloping Ghost – some of these famous fellahs, “logically”- might have not made it to the big time?

There’s a enormous chance if America’s pastimes weren’t intentionally separate and unequal . . . these man-made, plastic fabricated, make-believe sports heroes – might have found themselves sitting the bench at the pee-wee, high school or college level . . . behind some black guy. No?

Why must I pretend the insinuations Black’s don’t have the cerebral ability to play QB, manage a team, be a head coach – are only the rumblings of a few rednecks down in Tupelo Mississippi, and not a large slice of the NFL fan-base?

Need I point out, Rush has more then a hobbit’s handful of “buddies” in the NFL; which can only translate into what they regard as . . . million dollar niggers making billions of dollars for their . . . owners.

Rush wanted his own niggers to own, operate and manipulate. Ain’t that the truth?

There’s a history of this nation unable to deal with Afro-Americans who refuse to tote and tout the company-line, this expectation is so expected . . . that most Blacks have learned to “hold their tongue” in fear of White reprisal – thus making the Black person who gives it to you uncut . . . is meet with hostility and condemnation.

I’m sorry, my pops and my grandfather didn’t raise an ass-kisser.

Now, isn’t that the story here; in life – what type of people are – the ones who want, who demand that their asses be kissed? Assholes? But to be precise here, I’d say bullies, who my mother always explained to me was a kid who was insecure, usually struggling to “be the man,” so he “makes you” say he’s the man. I’d also suggest spoiled and pampered people, and justifiably paranoid people – people mad at the world . . .

Gee, the GOP hates the UN. . . .

And America is a nation which rules with might, that mentality reflects the men behind the ships, tanks and guns, A-bombs and the Japanese-American internment camps .

Dig Rush one day – he loathes how Obama is “going around the world apologizing for America.” As if . . . this nation only wants to export the American Dream – share the wealth, share the family album and bible on Facebook.

And that brings us back to sports . . . .

Considering Rush Limbaugh, is at war, we’ll go with at war with this nation’s President and not so oddly – Rush is a friend to more then a few NFL owners – where it’s been nothing but arm-twisting to just convince about a fourth of them to hire a Black man. MLB, which Rush hales from – race remains an issue, and the NHL . . .

The fear is, as Blacks are exposed to hockey, the faster the pace moves before we redefine it . . . like the NBA – an enterprise predictably White male fans have turned away from in droves and talking-heads ridicule endlessly.

It took how long until Tiger slipped-on the green sports coat? Have not the Williams ladies been under constant sniper fire their entire careers from hostile White folks who simply don’t like their rift-raft presence in the country club?

How, why would I not write about Rush — the face of the 21st century White backlash?

I can honestly say, in the eye’s of people of color, from Austin to Boston, Fargo to Key Largo, the modern era Mount Race-matters-more monument would have Reagan center pieced, with Rush, Hannity, Beck and Coulter at his sides, carved into granite.

Why are “our perceptions” irreverent . . . and white guys’ feelings so all-important?