Straight No Chaser: Hey, Roger!!!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 15, 2009

WRITER’S NOTE: Just so this is carved on a stone tablet, a copy of this, my BASN column is being sent via carrier eagle, i.e. e-mail . . . to all the NFLPA’s regional directors as well as to the NFL owners official mouthpiece – Roger Goodell, not merely because I’m a Wordsmith with the hardest working outfit around BASN, but because I’m a lifetime fan of this male soap opera called the NFL.

DENVER (BASN) — Well Mr. Goodell, here we sit, but days into the Rush/NFL saga, and Black players are already, f ortunately standing-up, and bluntly speaking-out on the prospects of a modern day segregationist owning the St Louis Rams.

You’re on the record with this safe shot to first base; “Divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about,” . I would not want to see those kind of comments from people who are in a responsible position in the NFL.”

However, your mere words won’t suffice, Roger, you may not easily dodge this one, you may have to take a bold, decisive stand. . . side with the “help.” And forgive me Senior Goodell, but I don’t know the NFL won’t break-bread with a man who is quite obviously one man’s truth speaker and most other men’s hate monger?

As I pound out this column, here at the base of the majestic Rockys one of the angry White men on the AM radio, Peter Boyles, who rotates between the Illegal Mexicans are going to eat your children, Obama’s an illegal alien from Mars, and this ain’t the good ol’ USA his Irish pappy loved predictably touts what is the national Redneck company line in defense of Rush – he has a constitutionally defined right to own a


Peter also correctly pointed out Limbaugh is popular amongst the NFL Plantation Owners, having been invited to the Bronco’s owners penthouse suite at Mile-High.

I know over the years I’ve heard Rush mention different owners who’ve hosted him for big NFL games; so obviously he’s friends around the NFL round table whom he breaks bread with already.

I believe it may be time to put the White sheets on GOP gentlemen, stand up and support your boy, Rush.

My rudimentary thought . . . who’s really surprised Black men won’t put on a top-hat, White gloves and tails of course, grab a cane and tap-dance for this SOB? I mean frankly speaking how dumb does a hater of Black people like Rush calculate we Black folks are?

How arrogant and out-of-touch are these NFL Grand Pooh-Pahs’ to deem Black folks distracted, uninterested, apathetic or indifferent that such a back-handed bitch-slapping as this is – to allow a punk, who says the racist crap Rush does to purchase a team?

How long before Black players throughout the league refuse to compete against any team this SOB buys? How long before White players speak up? How Long? Not long! How long before current Rams point out they won’t play for Rush . . . even though he may not want them around anyway considering the shape of the franchise today. Rush may be a racist sexist elitist bastard, but he’s no fool.

Can you say Black Power?

Stephen A. Smith, ex ESPN voice, now on MSNBC, and a few others, has quickly weighed in, he believes, based on money, Black players will willingly inflate an already inflated Rush . .

I beg to differ. I don’t think you’d had better count on ignorance and greed outweighing moral character. It’s right beneath the surface, a guy like Mike Singletary can bring it out – damn near overnight. Look at Dre Bly.

Maybe, just maybe Mr. Smith ought consider – for some men, they believe in their convictions . . . and you can convict them of their beliefs . . . life is more then getting rich, or dying in the process. Life is more then just bitches and money, plastic and . . . never mind. Perhaps, like back in the good ol days of the 1960’s and 70’s . . . right wins out over wrong?

With this perfect storm brewing on the horizon, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft referred questions about Limbaugh to the commissioner, Is that not convenient . . . and somewhat spineless? I guess . . . why make a decided stand on such a complex and debatable issue, right?

Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair has said, dig this , “Anyone who meets the ‘normal criteria’ is a candidate to own a team.” I can only hope Black and progressive White guys now strapping on a leather helmet for this “tolerant” owner keep in mind where McNair is standing on this, the NFL’s violate racial litmus test.

But our vetting process is very thorough,” McNair added. Ain’t that a bitch . . .! It takes a “vetting process tp determine Rush is offensive, abusive and rude in the eye’s of the overwhelming majority of people of color and women of any color . . . The question is – does it matter to rich White men that irrelevant “little people” are insulted, that’s the question here.

Just shut up boy and run!

I’m taken the hell back, way back, my head is spinning like a McNabb spiral . . . I just can’t phantom the top-tier of the NFL would even stew over this one. I mean really, why consider, why even weigh and measure allowing Rush to enter into the NFL Country Club.

I would think, dumb-ass me, it’s a no-brainer. No one – recognizing the well-documented verbal history Rush has amassed against Blacks, could even ponder permitting Rush owning a vastly all Black plantation . . . it’s senseless.

Don’t forget; there’re no Afro-American owners in a league 75% Afro-American, but you would have a man, Rush, who’s endorsed and embraced Glenn Beck – who’s clearly himself instigating a racial civil war befall the nation – heading up a team . . . .

No matter. Screw Vulcan logic, Goodell, the face of the NFL administration – is mulling over the matter. How can that be? This twisted effort to own an NFL team ought to be squashed right here, and right now, so as to send a direct and deliberate message to Black players, coaches, staff and fans . . . “ladies, gentlemen, the owners of the league are unquestionably on your side, we’ve got your back. We value you more then we want to befriend a xenophobic, chauvinist, aristocratic menace to our so-called tranquil American society.”

Can you say “forked tongue?”

Tragically the Rush Affair will quickly become a so-called “complicated matter.” For what reason? Because behind closed doors, Limbaugh’s merely saying what millions of “Real Americans” believe. Rush isn’t “out there” – because far more then you and I could imagine . . .

millions are right out there with him in deep, deep Right field.

There’s the possibility – Limbaugh, yes desires an NFL franchise, but easily could see the present reactions playing out; so he’s strategically setting himself up to be cast as the innocent business man victim who simply wanted to participate in capitalism, and the liberal Jew lawyers and uppity multi million dollar Niggers stoned-walled him.

Rush, yet another innocent White male reverse-racism victim . . . in Obama’s New America.

Mr Goodell, how could any organization even debate allowing this still blotted bigoted bastard to join anything but the KKK, let-alone an NFL franchise? On top of that – can White Americans be so very out-of- touch with reality they actually believe Black players and coaches are apathetically “OK” with enriching this racist blowhard?

I want those owners and sportswriters who’re wish-washy about allowing an individual – who’s plotting and planning methods to . . . un-seat this nation’s first Black American President – to grasp this; all Hell’s gonna break lose . . . and rightfully so if you let a race pimp-like Rush slip-off his Klan cap, and put on an NFL team owner hat. That’s not an idle threat, that’s a promise which can’t help but come true.

Players protesting today, coaches, cheerleaders, staff and fans protesting . . . boycotting


But to be brutally blunt; Let Rush try, because at the end of the day – I want this reincarnation of Archie Bunker to fulfill his wet-dream, field a BYU look-a-like pro team, who, like BYU . . . will find it tough sledding against legit grade A competition.

Go ahead, that’s what these folks really want; to “take back” their national pastimes, well, let’s let them try. Bring it.

Apart from the machismo, Mr Goodell, if you know what’s best for the NFL, hell what’s best for the nation . . . you’ll send this race baiting king of Oxy-cotton along his way, back to the land of burning crosses.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Late Wednesday evening, Dave Checketts said in a statement that Rush Limbaugh’s participation had become a complication in his group’s efforts to buy the St. Louis Rams and the bid will move forward without him.