Straight No Chaser: Crazy Like A Fox

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 21, 2009
DENVER (BASN) — If President Obama can flex his presidential muscles, demonstrate the type of character and intestinal fortitude to call-out and oppose FOX News, to take the fight to the official voice of Archie Bunker, and incur the wrath of the conservative establishment of this country . . . .
If Move-On.Org is asking Democratic congress-people to boycott Fox News also, lend a helping hand, get down in the mud and get dirty . . . take a stand, watch the President’s back, then maybe other hi-profile people can get-off their asses and help.
With such presidential moral fiber noted, I’d like to think multi-millionaire gladiators – of all colors, but specifically Black men, could exhibit the same strength, and, in solidarity with the president – refuse to go on any FOX Sports shows outside of actual FOX broadcast games.
No obliging interviews, no specials, no call in to Radio shows who package your interview in between Hannity and Beck . . . . Why hook-up people who think so-little of you? Think so-little of people who look like you?

An organization which wouldn’t give a damn about any Black sportsmen, if you couldn’t standing broad jump over a Volkswagens Bug . . . Run a 4.21 Forty, bench 525.

If not now . . . when? If not you Alpha Males . . . then who amongst us?
The FOX conglomerate is apart of a vast journalistic empire, and I employ the term journalistic questionably, I’ll be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow going with propaganda dispensers of inaccurate info, spread-about, for the sole purpose of advancing and elevating their perspective of the flat world . . . .
Can you say indoctrination, brain-washing or mind-warping.
But ladies and gentlemen, we can’t fail to recognize the obvious connection between FOX News and FOX Sports, and how by enriching one – you enrich the other.

By providing FOX with your prized interview – you enrich Glenn Beck. You help lend this bastard credibility, he’s apart of an media operation which chews-the-fat – with the fattest ballers in the game.

A-Rod, Chauncy, All Day Peterson – gentleman, why permit your image, voice and deeds to deepen the pockets of Angry White men who’re advocating a return to 1953?

They drag your Black ass off the stage, and roll out these chatty-Kathys’ flying Ol’Dixie, advocating your Black ass ought to have the rights and liberties of your grand father.

Hey, they don’t want to turn back the clock on progress, Dick Cheney the only face of the Republican Party . . . who only goes on FOX to amplify his dislike of . . . everybody – this SOB wants to rip the god damn clock off the wall.

He opposed the national MLK holiday and supported apartheid in South Africa. MLK and Mandela to Cheney were merely contemporary tanned versions of Crazy Horses and Sitting Bull – and what they refuse to accept . . . most of this nation, this planet – regards the “Indian” as the good guys and the Cowboys, the grunts on the ground in the expanding of this empire . . . they are globally deemed the “bad guys.”
If “the Right” in this country could get their arms around that single fact; yes, you won, you are on top, the all-so high and very mighty – nonetheless, there appears to be . . . literally thousands of questions surrounding exactly “how” you constructed your empire? On who’s land you built it ?

And with whose blood, sweat and tears of what oppressed people?

We get the “why” of colonialism: the practice of acquiring control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.. . . thank you Mr Webster. But why? Well, because you could.
Nevertheless, when you win in this Al Davis, by any means required manner, it doesn’t make you a lot of friends. The ever shrinking conservative minority in the US has turned their nose up at seeking respect or love and decided fear . . . and a pint of envy was the emotion they want the world to have for them.
So, might I suggest, the time is right to resurrect the Black Power Movement. Black athletes have enough visibility and star-status, that if dozens of the names in all the games we play, not-to-mention the rank n’ file players – refuse to “do business with” a media powerhouse . . . which has those Black faced lawn jockeys out in front of their mansions – this will be an exhibit of ” Black Power.”
We will no longer ignorantly enrich those who belittle and insult people-of-color . . . everyday. That’s our right, as citizens/consumers, to not engage in capitalism with people who are fanning the flames of racism, sexism and classism.

Sure they have the right to speak their minds, but we have a right, a duty, an obligation to those who dug the well we drink from today – to intelligently and diligently confront and oppose them by not trading with them, not participating in commerce with them, such an attitude is as American as granny’s apple Pie and Coke.

Let’s not screw around with this one: FOX News gladly amplifies the voices of folks who, come morning – will have the blood of Obama on their hands and will proudly show it off at the next GOP/KKK Tea-Baggers Association meeting.
Repulsively, these agitating accomplices-to-a-murder . . . will be the life of the picnic. Everybody will want a picture with the saviors of America, the slayers of the bad-man these real Americans didn’t want there kids to go to school and watch on TV last month advocating the importance of education . . . .

Kinda’ like the good ol’ days – when you see the crowds gathered around burned, mutilated bodies of Black men, women and children, because someone claimed they . . . looked at somebody wrong! Happened to be on the wrong side of town after dark. ” Google” lynching and marvel at the reasons why lynching was as popular as baseball in this country.

Yes, this is a nation which, at it’s core, it’s very base, there sits millions of true-blue real patriots who are perfectly capable of toasting the assassination of this nations first Black Chief of State, and their heroes and spokespersons can consistently be heard on . . . FOX News and Radio, advancing thoughts of states leaving the union, the impeachment of Obama and outright revolution.
Why is the sky falling? Because after 28 years of Ronald Reagen’s Revolution undermining FDR’s New Deal, MLK’s Civil Rights victories and LBJ‘s Great society . . . and after a mere 8 months of a uppity Mulatto at the Helm . . . he’s purposefully ran the USS America on the rocks.
Spare me the bullshit .. . . Please. Who believes that but . . . ?
But, what media giant lend’s these Right-Wing political fanatics credibility and legitimacy . . . FOX News, Redneck brother to FOX Sports and Radio.
So, in the identical fashion of NFL players not wanting to break-bread and do business with Rush Limbaugh, professional athletes should refuse to do anything outside their individual/team contract to help these people out-fox the world.
It’s that simple.