Straight No Chaser: Black is Beautiful

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 13, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — How many times must I drag out the ol’ chalk board and break this all down to Romper Room level. Black is beautiful, Black is soft, fragile, and sweet . . .

the darker the berry . . . the sweeter the juice.

One has to put that summation of Black women out into the universe, because when the global cocktail conversation turns to Black women, more then likely the only characterization you hear offered up of them is some twisted 21st century version of “Sapphire,” an “unwed teen-age mother” with an bad attitude and 50 pounds overweight.

I’m here to make the case; Black women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. And despite the deep seeded unspoken rule . . . there’s nothing wrong with Black women who don’t look White. Take a long gander at the Presidents lady, she’s elegantly redefined the appearance of a First Lady . . . thank god.

Let’s not run from history; our society not only paints with a broad brush, it also taints with that same double wide brush, so much so that a real effort must be mounted to present an accurate and fair account of who and what today’s Black women is.

My point; Black women, as a whole have their basic femininity constantly questioned and diminished. Femininity being defined as having qualities traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness.

The total absence of such princess qualities is constantly leveled at female jocks by our sexist society, but they are amplified when it comes to a Black girl – specifically one dominating and redefining a traditionally country club sport, country club meaning off-limits to people of color.

And in accomplishing this forced make-over of women’s tennis, and by doing it in their own unique manner and style . . . the Williams ladies have royally pissed-off more then a few White folks who, today are frustrated and envious, and thus take any and every opportunity to belittle and slight booth these women, especially the extraverted Serena.

A lack of, a want for . . .

femininity has been leveled at both sisters – but specifically Serena.

Manliness has been the charge against Serena by mainstream male sports writers, and I’d argue that this ESPN showcasing of her vivid, vivacious, voluptuous femininity demands White sportswriters and analysis, including Jason Whitlock, admit . . . they’re as wrong as wrong can be.

She’s more women then most.

What mystifies me? How any-man can look at Serena in the current ESPN mag, and not believe her to be a beautiful, shapely, curvaceous creature. Yet, I understand, there’re those men who prefer toothpick dames, scarecrows to manhandle, it’s easier for them to imagine they can sexually dominate petite petals.

It’s an inherent thing, natural and intrinsic.

Granted, beauty is in the nostrils of the sniffer, or the eye of the beholder, Serena may not be your particular goddess . . . but to label her a man, well that’s another one of those observations which fails to make any sense.

What man can look at her Serena . . . and not appreciate, not be aroused by her . . . thickness – unless he has some irrational fear, perhaps fear of failure, of feeling unable to fulfill her needs, so therefore you dismiss and ridicule what you can never have nor please.

Since she can’t be gotten – paint her as the opposite if what she is.

Let’s be honest here, there’s a conscience yearning afoot to negatively depict athletic women as grown Tom-Boys, man-like women who don’t reject men because they prefer women, but who can’t attract men and are left with little options but the other women in the locker room, or modern machinery.

So when a universally attractive Michelle Wie or a Russian tennis chick pops up, some super attractive surfer chick touting a bionic leg . . . sports editors go crazy using these women as front page window dressing, human bait – but there choices lend me to believe most of these frat boys have been indoctrinated to reject Black women.

Let’s continue further down this lighted path. . . .Serena embodies the term “once you go Black . . . baby you’ll never wanna go back.” Just looking at her allows one to understand how White men for 300 years couldn’t keep their hands off ,nor their penis out of . . . Black women, nevertheless this story of lust and rape is never spoken of. Instead, we are to understand White men have no interest in inferior Black women.

Ponder the obvious; Black America is akin to a Rainbow-Fudge Bomb Pop, not because Black men couldn’t stay away from White women, no we span the spectrum of black n’ tan because the White American male has had a 4 century long bout of “Jungle-Fever.” It seems for many White men, Black women are a dish they must taste, that’s where the “you’re not a man until you sleep with a Black women” was born.

Did you know the man in Venus’s life is a White guy? He wasn’t afraid of the ostracizing his peep’s will give him, he wasn’t afraid to admit it to his mother and sisters.

That’s what’s so two-faced and duplicitous about white men acting, like B movie actors, pretending they don’t find Black women attractive. Please, let’s not pull punches – very few Black women want their breast reduced nor their asses sucked out.

Nor do they want to loose their thick lips or ebony complexion – all the physical attributes Euro-American Barbie dolls are now going out and purchasing at the mall.. . . because it’s what white men want . . . some watered down version of a Serena.

This is a serious, serious issue only because this nation has refused to acknowledge the physical beauty of Black women, to the point this rejection has a measurable impact on Black women, and women of color in general . . . based on societal pressure – you’ve got beautiful young Black girls 13, 14, 15, talkin’ bout how fat they are, and their wearing a size 5 or 6.

Nonetheless, they’ve got this “Twiggy” thing in their heads telling them they should look like the string-bean anorexic inflicted bulimic Blondie girl . . . yeah, that’s normal.

I’m constantly stunned NFL cheerleaders are vastly all white – why? The team judges couldn’t find athletic, rhythmic, shapely Black bimbos as talented as the little snowflakes NFL camera men can’t take their lens off? Sorry, but bimbos come in all shapes, sizes and colors . . and I want to see Black Bimbos, Caramel Drops represented on the NFL sidelines . . . fair is fair.

Now if you turn on the idiot box you’ll notice black women routinely displayed as rough n’ tough, girls who can get ghetto in the drop of a wig. They can be astronauts, laundry mat attendants, architects, crack heads, cops or butchers, and let something go sideways . . . snap, LaTaDoRa-nay nay can go the . . . off, deep end off. Leap off.

Black does not always translate into trash-talking, hip-swinging loud-mouthed hoes despite what Don Imus, Snoop Dog or anyone else thinks.

I’m worn-out of this cartoonish “you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of hoes” character being the standard bearer for Afro-American women. A rose does grow in Spanish Harlem . . . Cleveland, San Fran, Miami, Boston, Memphis, Dallas, Topeka . . . .

Women are born . . . ladies are made . . . and here’s one – Serena, let’s treat her like a lady.

Please note; For 350 years plus, this nation forbid the mass production of Black ladies, and the millions which were molded and shaped by loving communities, their outward beauty . . . seldom acknowledge, seldom placed upon a pedestal and drooled over, salivated over. American society has preferred requesting chocolate bunnies behind closed doors.

This hypocrisy burns my ass to no end. . . .