Straight No Chaser: A San Francisco Treat

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: October 2, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Gunnery Sergeant Singletary’s Inglorious Bastards are commencing to believe in themselves, no? Singletary’s expanding their own perceived limitations. . . .

My ass is always, constantly baffled, amazed, stunned even – by what people can do when properly motivated, isn’t your’s also? I can never understand how the “right guy, at the “right” place and time can inspire the troops to rally, to dig down . . . deep and find that intestinal fortitude your grandfather talked about . . . and they “get her done.”

Improvise, adapt, overcome . . . .

Singletary’s a slice of Clint Eastwood in “Heartbreak Ridge.” I’m dating myself, but dig up the Longest Day, a classic WWII D Day movie from the 1950’s – Robert Mitchum’s character, the general down in the trenches with his men, with a brain.

Singletary could have been in The Magnificent Seven or The Guns of Navarone.

Recall the Hurricane Katrina debacle, Lieutenant General Russel Honoré – who was brought in after the initial grand “F-up” – the “Ragin’ Cajun” told those Army boys walking around with M whatever the hell is standard GI issue, to put down those guns leveled at grandmothers and three-year old girls who were trying to survive a disaster of epic Hollywood proportions. . . .

Singletary is made of some of that same right stuff.

He appears to be a man’s man. Like any other man . . . but more so.

He’s got the touch, and he’s got the nerve. If he can lead this band of misfits to the playoffs . . . I’ll submit it speaks Reader’s Digest volumes about the Black athlete, the Black man, and the Black Head Coach.

It seems — to silly ass me — it would convince what is clearly most of the NFL plantation owners, that yet another Black man is qualified, capable, and savvy enough to win it all, with class.

And smash mouth style.

Singletary’s the flip side of Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy, yeah – In god they all trust . . . but puttin’ a foot off in your ass – is what Singletary believes in.

Dungy is a beautiful brother, beautiful, but I’m sorry, his personality, his humble style, that’s all fine and dandy, but damn-it, there are more then nine ways to skin a Bengal, about 20 something other ways to skin a Lion, nevertheless, Thank God Tomlin brings to the table a personality not quite so . . . reverent.

Singletary, despite believing in and trying to live by the good book, he’s a mean nasty S.O.B. who has no qualms about getting down n’ dirty.

“Samurai Mike” is the genuine, authentic real deal. He’s Rex Ryan – Cleaned-up, and with the actual battlefield credentials. Singletary writes no checks his ass can’t cash He aint selling noooo wolf tickets, he is the big bad wolf . . . and his men will, apparently run through walls and over Cardinals and Seahawks for their Sergeant . . . .

What’s it say when men like Shaun Hill and Captain Vernon Davis step-up, anne-up, like real men – dig down, and rise to the occasion . . . .

Singletary’s not just winning games, and losing with honor and dignity, he’s molding and shaping men into better men, better husbands and fathers, better role models. He’s “investing” in his men, his battalion and it shows. He’s smart enough to bring-in Sergeants from diverse backgrounds, like Tom Rathmen. . . . Mike’s diverse, inclusive and combustible.

Can it be, might it be; gladiators, like Davis – better relate to a man like Singletary . . . then the small “B”: belichick in Cleveland relates to his men?

Do ya’ think?

Let me call this; Eric Mangini interviews really well, he’s bright – can you say “boy genius?” The press did, over n’ over again. The Owner’s wife’s like him, he’s like their own son . . . give him a chance. Overlook his team cheated their way to championships . . . .

Character can only be determined thru involvement in dog fighting, not rigging NFL games.

I guess Mean Joe Green never looked like too many of the owners lost love-childs .

Joe never got the chance, and that’s a goddamn criminal misdeed. How no owner thought this guy couldn’t get it done . . . is no mystery to me, or most of us. I can’t count the bumbling’ clowns who’ve been rewarded with an NFL franchise to coach, and I’s suppose to swallow they were all a better fit the Mean Joe . . .

Ain’t that bitch?

The seven points I want to methodically drive down the field and score; I grow weary of this nation, a nation in love with Alpha Males. . . . but yet a country predictably obsessed with presenting to young Black minds – the only legit path to success is to be obedient, gentle – subdued is really really important.

As well as docile, easy-going, tranquil, submissive and passive. Think Phil Donahue, dipped in Chocolate. It’s enough to make me vomit, for I well know Black men come in an vast array of taste and texture.

Singletary represents sand-paper and grain alcohol . . . . I love it.

Give me another Singletary, straight, no chaser.

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