Rams Officially ‘Come Home’

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: October 3, 2009

HAMPTON, Va. — The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association’s (CIAA) Board of Directors has voted to reinstate Winston Salem State University (WSSU) as a member of the Division II Conference.

“The CIAA Board of Directors voted unanimously to fully reinstate WSSU into the conference,” stated Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., President – CIAA Board of Directors. “We’re experiencing exciting times as our membership continues to grow.”

Even after a brief departure, the conference still celebrated their great history together. WSSU’s legendary coach, Clarence “Big House” Gains, put the CIAA on the map as one of the all-time winning coaches in college basketball history. In April of 2005, the CIAA named the Men’s Basketball Championship trophy after the basketball legend.

“The CIAA has a great history with WSSU and we are excited about their return,” says Leon Kerry, CIAA Commissioner. “Even when the initial decision was made to leave the CIAA, we continued to treat WSSU alumni as a part of the CIAA family; because once you are a part of the CIAA you are “CIAA For Life.”

The university’s intercollegiate athletic program will compete at the NCAA Division II level, effective with the 2010/11 season. WSSU currently sponsors 15 sports programs, each of which are in line with championship offerings of the CIAA.

In an official letter to the CIAA, Chancellor Dr. Donald Julian Reeves of WSSU said, “We would certainly welcome the opportunity to reconnect with the rich tradition and legacy of the CIAA and will work aggressively and strategically to ensure that all NCAA Division II requirements are met by the fall of 2010.”

During this transition period, the NCAA membership committee will conduct a campus audit to confirm the university is in compliance with Division II regulations.