Posey: Pryor ‘can’t do much worse’

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: October 22, 2009

COLUMBUS — Terrelle Pryor is under fire at Ohio State, so one of his best friends jumped to his defense — although it may not have come out exactly the way he wanted.

Receiver DeVier Posey, who has become one of Pryor’s favorite targets, made the case that too much is expected of Pryor, who turned the ball over four times in the Buckeyes’ shocking 26-18 loss at two-touchdown underdog Purdue last week.

Posey said that all eyes were on the acclaimed quarterback from the time he set foot on campus.

“From his first pass, (people said) he’s really not that good. But I really feel that’s kind of hard for a guy like that, you know what I mean? There’s only one Tim Tebow in this world and I don’t really know what people want from (Pryor),” Posey said.

“He’s going to get better. He really can’t do much worse.”

Those were hardly words of consolation, either for Pryor, now a sophomore, or Ohio State fans.

Posey went on to say Pryor will improve, although he was a bit unsure of when.

“I feel like he’s going to get better, he’s going to be a great player. It’s going to happen in time,” he said. “He’s further along than (Ohio State Heisman Trophy winner) Troy (Smith) was, than (ex-Texas QB and current Tennessee Titan) Vince Young was, and I just feel like if people are patient, and he’s patient (he’ll be great). … ”

“He’s not going to be great tomorrow. But if he works on it, eventually in a year or two, or even maybe by the end of this year, he’ll be a great player.”

Such a timeline may not work for Ohio State fans.