Knicks Are Shooting Bricks

By Jerald L Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 17, 2009

NEW YORK (BASN) — Yes, it’s early; well it’s a little more than early because these games fortunately for the Knicks don’t count.

But, for the hungry New York Knicks fan that’s starving for a winner and something to cheer about, is it almost time to panic?

The Knicks are shooting an abysmal 38 percent from the field. And with the team choc-full-of-jump-shooters, that’s not a good thing as they were booed during an exhibition game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Where’s Eddy Curry when you need him?

He’s getting himself back into real game shape.

The team is trying to rely heavily on youngster Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler, but neither one is back to the basket type of players.

Gallo, as he’s affectionately called by his Knicks teammates doesn’t have his legs under him yet. Chandler is still not quite 100 percent after off season ankle surgery.

Back to Curry, it’s amazing how he was able to drop 40 pounds in the off season but for some odd reason after the contract for his weight and conditioning trainers expired just two weeks before camp, he wasn’t healthy enough to perform.

Curry strained a little used calf muscle which derailed his comeback bid this preseason. Was that bad luck if there’s any such thing or was it a lack of proper preparation?

As for Gallo, he and the Knicks staff seemed so intent (and rightfully so) on getting his balky back corrected that they appeared to forget about his legs.

He’s 21 years old and has dead legs from the exhausting training camp.

Yes, it’s still early but it could very well be a long year for the Knicks and their fans if the team doesn’t start hitting some shots. And for that matter, rebounding the basketball and playing quality defense.

The LeBron Watch continues.