In Memory Of Jasper

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 27, 2009

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — Jasper Howard deserved a better plight in life.

Howard was the star UConn football player killed after an on campus stabbing last week.

The starting cornerback from Miami had NFL aspirations and was stabbed just a few hours after leading his team to a victory over Louisville.

On Tuesday morning, John William Lomax III, 21, of Bloomfield, was arrested and charged with murder, police said. His bond was set at $2 million.

Police also charged Hakim Muhammad, 20, of Bloomfield, with conspiracy to commit assault and Jamal Todd, 21, of Hartford, with a felony charge of falsely reporting an incident and a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment.

Police say he pulled the fire alarm that emptied the dance early October 18th, triggering the fight.

By all counts, Howard was a great kid. He was a true student-athlete who came to UConn to get away from some nasty goings on in the Miami area.

Howard, 20, was also an expectant father and his soon to be born son or daughter will never have the pleasure of being raised by such a fine NCAA athlete.

The post incident events were handled with class by UConn head coach Randy Edsall.

He suffered the ignominy of having to go the Hospital at Hartford to identify the body. A few hours later it was his obligation to call Howard’s parents in Miami and to inform them and then convened a 6:00 a.m. meeting to inform the entire team.

The articulate and ever caring Edsall was the epitome of class throughout the week leading up to the West Virginia game. The Huskies dropped a very close game at Morgantown, one of the toughest places to play in the Big East.

He was a clear mentor to the players who witnessed the stabbing and was the leader who took his troops down to Miami for Howard’s funeral after the West Virginia game.

Events like this murder are so needless in life. They often happen near or on college campuses as evidenced by a recent murder at Yale as well as a murder a year ago at nearby Wesleyan University in Middletown.

Who is to really blame here? The only clear answer is society for producing individuals who could even imagine engaging in such unprovoked acts.

Our condolences go out to Howard’s family and the UConn community.