A battle of style and substance

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 1, 2009

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — Many in the football world have dubbed Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo as a superstar. He’s a playboy, an outstanding quarterback but the following facts speak differently.

Last week on a local Dallas / Fort Worth radio station, Hall of Famer and former Cowboy legend Tony Dorsett repeated what that we on “The Gray Leopard Cove” mentioned a year ago. Romo has yet to accomplish the ultimate goal — winning the Super Bowl.

Thank you, T.D.!!!!

Romo’s career record in Dallas is 31-19 and has a 0-2 playoff record.

It also includes his complete meltdown in last year’s regular season finale at Philadelphia . The Eagles literally blew up Dallas 44-6 and effectively ended their season along with their playoff hopes.

Romo threw a critical interception and fumbled twice in that game. Lest we forget the 2006 NFC Wild Card game against the Seattle Seahawks. Serving as the holder for the game-winning field goal attempt, Romo fumbled the snap in another Cowboy postseason loss.

Tony Romo is overrated and the media (including ESPN) is still in love with him.

Networks have given him commercials and endorsements, while division rival Eli Manning stands in the shadows of his big brother, Peyton Manning. Eli continues to win with the New York Football Giants.

Romo has made too many mistakes at critical times.

The two examples were in the last two games played by Dallas — a loss to the Giants and a win against Carolina Panthers. In the New York game, Romo could not move the Cowboy offense and threw three interceptions, two resulting in New York touchdowns.

In the Monday night game against Carolina, the Cowboys finally scored in the third quarter with a field goal and touchdown, but had numerous penalties.

The Dallas defense finally won the game with an interception late in the fourth quarter.

Let’s examine the progression of Manning in New York and Romo in Dallas.

Romo came into the league undrafted in 2003 and garnered the starting job three years later.

Manning was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers, who then traded him to Giants. Eli would gain the starting job one year later.

Manning has earned a Super Bowl Ring and is 4-3 all-time in the postseason, including a 2007 win at Dallas in the NFC Divisional round. Romo has still not won a single playoff game.

Manning and Romo have both lost big time wide receivers entering this year. Despite that, the Giants have kept rolling along with victories while the Cowboys have struggled to beat weak teams.

Even with that; Romo still receives more attention.

This year, Manning has thrown for five touchdowns and only one interception. Romo has thrown four touchdowns with three interceptions including Monday night’s game.

Romo has an extroverted personality while Manning is passive very quiet and shy.

Romo is single and has dated very popular beautiful celebrities (i.e., Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson).

While Manning married his college sweetheart and has a stable home life. Romo is a handsome man by American (white) standards while Manning is considered to be a country boy.

The Cowboys defeated Carolina on Monday night, but it was a hard fought victory. That game should have been a slam dunk, a runaway victory, the Panthers should not have been in the game.

In conclusion, Tony Romo may be the more popular quarterback, but Eli Manning wins the big games and wears the Super Bowl ring.