Welcome to the Endzone: What If??

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 29, 2009

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — When I was younger, I loved reading What If…?, which was the title of several comic book series published by Marvel Comics that explored “the road not traveled” by its various characters.

As a result, in today’s episode of “Welcome To The Endzone” we take a twisted look at the world of sports.

1. What if Tony Romo grew a mustache and got traded to the Oakland Raiders?

Romo, you are too nice so join the DARK SIDE and become the Prince of Darkness.

2. What if Allen Iverson signed to the Memphis Grizzlies?

Oh snap, it already happened.

3. What if Reggie Bush got traded to Washington?

Maybe then, D.C.’s games would be worth watching and they could score a touchdown.

4. What if Boise State Broncos undefeated and ends up playing for the BCS National Championship?

I think, the world is coming to an end.

5. What if K.C. running back Larry Johnson got traded to the Chicago Bears?

With L.J. in Chicago, the Bears could be doing the Super Bowl Shuffle again.

6. What if Jason Campbell got traded to the Carolina Panthers?

Put Jake Delhomme on the bench and watch the Panthers ROAR!!!!

7. What if the Philadelphia Eagles trade Michael Vick to the Miami Dolphins next year, who actually know how to run the Wildcat offense!!

8. What if Heisman Trophy winner, Florida State’s Charlie Ward actually had an opportunity to play in the NFL?

I guess, the world will never know.

9. What if Vince Young got traded to the Houston Texans?

At least the Texas Longhorn fans would be excited.

10. What if Eli Manning, who refused to play for the Chargers when he was drafted never played for the N.Y. Giants? Would they still have won the Super Bowl?

11. What if T.O. (Terrell Owens) got traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers? Would coach Mike Tomlin be able to control him?

Coach Tomlin is cool as Shaft and he has a Super Bowl ring to prove it.