The New American Idol??

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 22, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Chris Arreola begins his quest for a heavyweight title and he is challenging one of the top two heavyweights in the world in the person of Vitali Klitschko.

The Klitschko’s brothers’ dominate the heavyweight division and has made it their personal family property as they’ve split the kingdom among themselves. They have made it clear that they will not fight each other and they treat their championship crowns as family inheritance to be passed on to each other or future Klitschko’s children.

So far, no one has yet to appear that can captured the title from either one of the brothers, but Chris Arreola have been groomed as the guy who can snatch a portion of the title for America and giving U.S. boxing fans a reason to even care about the division.

For Arreola, his last fight against Jameel McCline was a tune up for the eventual showdown as he battered the aging former championship contender. Now it’s showtime.

American boxing fans have been tantalized before in rising heavyweights only to be disappointed. Right now, Americans have two hopefuls: Eddie Chambers and Chris Arreola.

Chambers is already ranked in the top five according to Ring magazine but his biggest disadvantage is his lack of power. He’s Chris Byrd revisited with a little more pop in his punch but not enough to send tremors down his fellow heavyweights.

On the other hand, Arreola has the power to stop any heavyweight and so far, has shown the ability to bounce back after being knocked down or stun himself but against the Klitschkos, he is facing fighters who have the weapons and style that will make if difficult for him.

Both of the brothers have a stinging jab that paralyses a fighter and a right hand that acts as a hammer to end fights. And while Wladimir have a reputation of having a weak chin; those concerns have not raised its ugly head over the past five years.

Ever since Wladimir survived three knockdowns against Samuel Peter to win that fight, he has shown a toughness that was not attributed to him before that victory. As for Vitali, he established his own toughness in a lost to Lennox Lewis.

These brothers are the combination of robot like efficiency and power not seen in the other Heavyweight champions or contender.

What makes this fight intriguing is that Vitali is 38 years old and while he was impressive against Peter in his last fight; there is no telling when father age will haunt Vitali.

He has also suffered a four year layoff as result of injuries, so there is chink in the armor that can be exposed.


Arreola will have youth on his side and if he manages to survive the early rounds; he may be in position to deliver the upset. He has the power to knock out any heavyweight but the question that remains, how good is he really?

We don’t know and this is the first big step into the stratosphere that Arreola will be taking. If he fulfills his promise, then we may be seeing the passing of the torch.

Arreola is a boxing promoter’s dream — a big knockout puncher who is also Hispanic thus automatically giving him a nice large boxing fan base. Saturday night in California, Arreola takes a big step and once again, an American heavyweight prospect takes the hope of many U.S. boxing promoters upon his shoulders.

They’ll be hoping that their search for the next great American heavyweight who can draw fans is finally complete. Sunday, we will know if Arreola is ready for primetime or prove to be just another disappointing American heavyweight prospect.