Straight No Chaser: T.O.(ed) Media

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 30, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Golly gee, I was truly amazed at the outright blatant zeal, the uncontrollable forcefulness displayed by a room full of sports reporters dead set on getting T.O. to blow his own head off.

Call it fanaticalism unleashed, at least.

Somebody go put on the Undisputed Truth’s . . . Smiling Faces

Even ESPN’s Mike n’ Mike in the Morning, usually nothing more then a company mouth piece, took the time to point-out the relentless onslaught was “over-the-top.”

They were right, these bastards were so like sharks, with blood in the water – 0 catches, streak broken, they just knew the adult child would ignite the room like an stood-up debutant, nevertheless T.O. didn’t oblige these. . .

The question here; what prompted these men to barrage T.O. like this?

Here he is, taking the company-man approach, saying all the right things, and instantly it turns into an attempt to goad him into saying controversial, combustible comments, and when he refuses to, states he understands that type of comment is what they’re fishing for and he’s not going to give the jock sniffin’ SOB’s the satisfaction, after politely referring to them as “sir,” but still, they continued to ramp-it-up – all in a pathetic effort to get a story.

Please note, not to satisfy the inquiring minds of the sports fan, put to be responsible for getting T.O. to snap. That’s their goal.

Ain’t that a bitch?

What I find telling; Vick’s being interviewed all over the idiot box on game-day also, and he must grovel, wallow in extreme remorse, verbally spell out how he’s shamed and regretful.

And, when he say’s he “wouldn’t want to change any aspect” of his fall from grace . . . , you’ve got football heads ejaculating simultaneously across the land. That’s the story come Sunday night . . . “The Nigger said he was wrong!”

And think about, there’s nobody showing up at the Eagles games protesting No. 7, but a dwarfs handful of fruits n’ nuts, fools who can’t distinguish between who’s got more value, who they’d rescue first from a burning home – a little 2 year-old red-headed girl, or a 2 year old Poodle . . .

What emotional rush does this society get out of making a Black man admit his humanness?

One’s inability to be perfect. Silly ass me, I thought people were mere collections of contradictions, we do bad, we do good – at the end of the day, of life, hopefully the good far outweighs the bad. How goddamn simple is that?

Recall when George W. couldn’t recall a thing in his presidential tenure that was a mistake, that was wrong, worth an “I’m sorry?” His country club buddies and frat brothers backed him up on that. Is that type of fake moral superiority this nation is demanding from people in high profile positions?

If that’s the case, then I’ve a problem with this selective, elastic enforcement of the Ten Commandments; If Black men are to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character . . . then when is that going to be the bottom line for White folks?

If Vick’s to be vilified, some demanded he be banned from the NFL for making love to Mary Jane, then where’s the outrage and damnation when the great white hope, Aqua Man is photographed naked, in public, making mad passionate love to Miss Jane?

Is that evenhandedness, that quality . . . too much to ask for?

What the handling of Vick and TO exemplify is . . . “boy, no matter what you do . . . you’re wrong.” Because when it’s all said and done, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather is right. . . (yes, even a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn every now and then) Rich, educated, enlighten, well informed, globally traveled, you’re just a . . . . Nigger.

T.O.’s playing the “ah shucks, gee, I’m just a clog in the wheel, I don’t make no decisions ’round here, I’s jus’ runs fast n’ jumps high” and that’s not enough.

Even if it’s for a fat contract next year . . . so if it’s not this story, it’s tweeting insults about Rodney “The Cheater” Harrison. He shot up, and he played for a team which cheated . . . no? But he’s now their boy their pit-bull.

The unbiased sports press has a tendency to behave like the paparazzi, and when it’s a Black guy in their sights – then everything is magnified; enhanced, amplified . . . that’s America?

What did these gentlemen want? A show, a minstrel show, TO, enraged, like an . . . animal, back-stabbing and back-biting his teammates during a low-point. . .

because he’s done it before.

Therefore, they’re going to continue to pour gas on the tinderbox that is the Buffalo Bills . . . so they can prove a point; either you don’t come in this world round and go out square . . . or, the Black athlete is a soft, self-centered, egotistical barbarian incapable of personal growth and maturity. I’ll go with the later.

T.O., don’t furnish the bastards with that type of gratification.