Straight No Chaser: Rotten Apple

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 27, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — So this is how it plays out, hang em’ high. Sure it seems excessive, over-the-top, but Big Apple Mayor Bloomberg gave the word — it’s still open season on black bucks in New York — have Plaxico Burress put behind bars for years, for accidentally shooting — himself.

Of course the city’s color blind court system accommodated him, put Burress in the Big House for two years, placed his life at risk, damaged his relationship with his kid, jeopardized his NFL career. . . to send a message to all the other Niggers and Spics, from Harlem to Staten Island . . . .see what we can do to you!

You’re never so “big” Nigger, that you ain’t a . . . Nigger.

Sorry, that’s how I see it. I think Bloomberg is one of those angry White men President Carter spoke of. I believe the Peanut farmer over the Blue eyed sax player in the Ray-Bans,

The cold, harsh, if not hostile United States legal system, it’s lawyers and politicians sending a message to the little people . . .

you don’t matter.

Facts are, yes, Plaxico is three times a lady, and he did believe he was . . .

untouchable, to a degree. He paranoidly packed a piece – based on that doubt and because of all those millions dollar bills attached to his ass.

In the Jerry Lewis/Pink Panther bumbling idiot fashion, Shaft-i-co pumps one into his own thigh, while up in da’ club. And for that he deserves three, maybe six months behind bars? Give the village idiot a couple of years of village service, but why do this to his family’s life?

Here’s why; The hard crust of the America pie, conservative White people harbor extreme dislike for Black people. This particular America is repulsed by rich Black people. This nation’s power structure, comprised of White men, does not respect black people. That’s the way it was in 1709, 1809, 1909 and that’s how it is today.

Of course not all White men hate Black people, but enough do, that it matters.

Their power, influence, financial muscle and societal clout goes a long way today. With little effort they can, with the wave of a burning torch, lift their hoods . . . and deny proper medical care, deny home and car loans, deny one employment they’ re suited for and deny fairness and just justice.

There’s no real debate here, the Burress verdict was excessive.

But, so was Mike Vick’s sentence, and so was probably 75% of the sentences imposed upon Afro-Americans. Hell, we know for a fact uncountable numbers of Black folks have been railroaded by all Caucasian juries for decades, all across the nation. It’s business as usual. If not for DNA, or a determined diligent law school student, more Blacks would spend eternity locked down or worst yet – fry in the chair.

I use to ponder . . . how does one sleep at night knowing they’ve lied, and someone died. But I’ve come to the conclusion, like in any war, (yes, America is in the depth of war, a cold civil war, which is as close to igniting right here and now, then at any point since the 1960’s rebellions).

The duty of the propaganda pushers — i.e. the guys like Rush, Hannity and Beck — is to dehumanize the enemy. Dehumanize people already regarded behind closed doors as “niggers and spics.” Once you achieve that wide-spread mentality, then gee, you can put people in interment camps, on reservations.

Once you’ve convinced the good people, the “mainstream” that Black men aren’t really . . . human, then you can behave like the New York Police, or the L.A. police – declare OPEN SEASON on niggers, or, is it . . . gorillas in the mist. That’s exactly how the L.A. cops described Black folks on the streets of South-Central, as apes.

When you’re not human, or three/fifths human, cops can gun down Black men, shoot them 10, 20, 30 times. . . and have the Mayor of New York rationalize, minimize, and pathetically justify such Conan the Barbarian behavior. Yet advocate for the book to be throne at Plaxico . . . .

If political pimps can go along with public executions of so-called out-of-control Negroes, then surely they’ve no qualms with railroading, making an example of a guy, who outside of felony stupidity, did not have a criminal record. Nor did Vick.

I don’t think it’s a difficult task, to lynch Black people, no more then getting a pig to eat slop. Don’t cruise by the truth. This nation wanted to hang Serena just like they wanted to hang Marion Jones

I find it incredibly childish to think the racist, sexist and elitist foundation of this nation has been eroded by pretty words and White guilt. It just ain’t happin’ baby. Black and Brown folks had better stop the all-night party, stumble over to the kitchen window and check-out the cat’s in sheets, with crosses burning. They honestly believe Le Tyrone and De Le Jordan are coming to rape their women folk and their going to get you first.

Yes Mayor Bloomberg, Plaxico’s imprisonment does send a message; there’s a “get em’ mind set in America, which is cold blooded and blood thirsty. There’s a cultural still evident amongst the rank and file Rednecks which desires to return this country back to separate and unequal where the White majority oppressed and suppressed people of color, either openly approving, or meekly Condemning it with their spineless silence and in-action. .

I’m not desperately yearning to hold those who benefited – accountable for the sins of their fathers, but I do believe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Some of these bastards, like mayor Bloomberg and his supporters are no different then their fore-fathers.

“Free Plax!!!”