Straight No Chaser: Mr. Crazy Horse

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 26, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — You know, I had no real Idea what a fool Peyton Manning is . . . commercials can paint a picture of somebody who ain’t actually there.

According to a study conducted by the Center for Responsive Politics – Manning, and the little lady, Ashley – willingly donated thousands of dollars to Republican political pimps, in the Manning’s case, it was Actor/politician Fred Thompson and George W. Bush.

Might it be . . . the Manning’s fail to realize the GOP of the last 30 years has been the base of operations for those members of society lacking empathy, and understanding for anybody outside of their demographical group?

The entire country see’s the GOP is nothing but a collection of people unwilling to . . .

walk a mile in another man’s moccasins. A “White guy only” frat house which advocates swapping the blood of less fortunate young people for black gold, Texas Tea.

Is it odd, or predictable – a wealthy young man would be this conservative? Odd he identify with a political organization which advocates . . .”I certainly am not my Brother’s keeper, we are not in this all together, it’s not one for al – and all for one.” Women and children first . . . ? Well that depends in a Republican’s eyes. Does she and the baby have their papers, or is she an illegal alien from Planet Mexico?

Team America? Team USA? Team Red, White n’ Blue? Really? TEAM – Together Everybody Accomplishes More . . . ? No, the GOP mantle is “I got mine . . . you get yours.”

This primitive “every man for himself” outlook Manning backs – is the American Way; rugged individualism . . . survival of the fittest contradicts the team approach which wins championships.

Recall during Hurricane Katrina, people were abandoned, left for dead, targeted as looters, roads and bridges were fortified, with armed men, not allowing the unwanted underclass to seek higher dryer ground in their sub-division or community . . . . Only the strong, well educated and well connected survive. That was the Republican mind-set at work.

I’m stunned such a brilliant tactician like Manning, who I believe is the best QB since Marino and Montana – could be either oblivious, or so indifferent, or so numb to the truth; neither George Bush, or Fred Thompson give a damn about the ills and woes of the little White people who are purchasing all the Manning merchandise . . . .

And certainly not a damn about the little Black boys who actually do want to grow up and be like No. 7, Peyton Manning. . . .

I guess at the end of the 4th quarter, Manning is a Southern Gentlemen, Dixie Royalty .

Peyton’s giving money to guys who want to take kids out of college and send them to Afganisatan today, who knows where tomorrow? Really! He’s underwriting politicians who constantly undermine k-12 public education, strive to eliminate the monies which fund recreational leagues after-school programs, and hope to keep intact a for-profit health acre industry which profits from your death.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Manning underwrites politicians who undermine good, decent, hard working White folks – Ricky Bobby and Bobby Sue, who, according to GOP folklore . . . work at least two jobs, just to make ends meet. God knows these true-blue real Americans only legitimately utilize these New Deal/LBJ/MLK fought for pinko-commie-socialist programs – as much as we reckless, rudderless, careless, weak, irresponsible people of color over-use and exploit this nations wonderful social safety net . . . .

Obviously, not just the Mannings, but also NFL owners, team officials, other players and coaches have favored Republicans with their political contributions, according to the study. That’s a fact which ought to be discussed on the sports pages and radio airwaves, but it hasn’t been.

That non-discussion is not by coincidence, but rather by design, because if we understand how politically conservative the infrastructure of the league actually is, then we’ll have insight to why the league has so few Black head coaches, QB’s and cheerleaders.

These little Einstein’s who conducted this study, analyzed and scrutinized contributions going back to 1989, discovered that “combined contributions from players, owners and officials on 22 of the 32 National Football League teams have given more cash to Republicans than Democrats. . . .” and that more then a few franchises have given more than 90 percent of their contributions to the GOP.

The San Diego Chargers blew away the rest of the field with $2,455,200 in total money contributed, with most of that coming from plantation owner Alex Spanos – more than $2 million, vastly all of it to the GOP. Norv Turner threw in a few thousand for McCain in the last presidential election . . . .

The Houston Texans, second-highest amount after San Diego, dropping in $615,256 of its $623,456 total to Republicans. Next came the Arizona Cardinals, who gave 75 percent of $337,096 to Republicans.

So, if I grasp the complexity of this money exchange, you the fan, the merchandise purchaser, puts money in the pocket of the rich-as-hell team owner, and he takes money out of his other pocket – to put in the hand of politicians . . . who are at war against the everyday American, the bedrock of this country, Barney and Betty.

We, the overburdened over worked, under-payed, under-employed part time worker-bee who is unemployed – pays the taxes which underwrite gazillion dollar stadiums for aristocratic owners, and please note; a great percentage of those taxpayers don’t even follow the male soap opera known as the NFL.

Can you say “corporate welfare?”

The underbelly of this devilish biz-ness referred to as unbridled, unchecked capitalism – these are rich folks – attempting to ensure they get richer. They’re not merely voting their wallets, they’re rigging the game, paying-off the political players, economically stacking the odds by stocking the team, guaranteeing the outcome of the political competition and the economic windfall . . . ?

But help me out; of course what we’ve got here is owners and front office people, well paid and vastly Caucasian; predictably supporting Republicans, regardless if the league is vastly Black, and if you work in an industry so populated by Blacks, then logically one would be empathetic, have a more enlighten view of the separate and still quite unequal world far too many Blacks still hale from . , , , you’d have to support democratic positions?

And ultimately, you don’t mind touching Black guys, getting their sweat on you . . . .

And don’t let me forget the players, undoubtedly players who come from Blue collar homes, some straight out’ta da hood or right off the family farm, who’ve quickly, over flippin’ night, forgotten how their family, their small towns made of little pink houses – how those everyday people struggle to make it.

So at least for right now, till the player’s money runs out, these selfish bastards vote for and support Republicans, because they’re just trying to hold on to what’s theirs. Cats making millions, who can’t even spell their own names, who don’t have the academic or occupational skills to pay their elaborate bills after the knees or shoulders give out, so they know when this is gone . . . party’s over.

They can’t even go get a gig working at their brother-in-laws lawn cutting business . . . .

Yes, it matters if who I cheer for on Sunday, is working hard, Monday thru Friday – to keep people in power who are sexist, racist and elitist. It matters to many, that’s why this study is placed on the back burner, it undermines league revenue, hit’s the NFL cartel in their one spot that matters, their bank accounts . . . .