Straight No Chaser: Don’t forget your place

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 17, 2009

Mike Tomlin (left) meets VP Joe Biden (middle)and President Obama

Mike Tomlin (left) meets VP Joe Biden (middle)and President Obama

DENVER (BASN) — Mike Tomlin and President Barrack Obama; by their individual actions, gave yet another demonstration of Black people, on a whole, do not blindly hate.

Tomlin could have gone out of his way to persuade his liberal boss, Obama backer Ambassador Rooney to bring the signal caller into the Steeler Steel mill, where steel sharpens steel.. .

But instead, Tomlin put aside the blind support many in this country believe is an allegiance to other Blacks, and made the move most beneficial to his team, for his Caucasian QB, Ben Rothelisberger

Tomlin was not blinded by Vick’s Black skin. Tomlin, one of the elf’s handful of Black masterminds in the NFL – clearly grasp the complexity of the racial situation in the NFL: when it come st o coaching, playing the exalted Field General position and being an NFL cheerleader. . .

If your Black, get back, if you’re brown, you may stick around, as long as you don’t forget your place Pedro/Sanchez, and, if your’ White . . . well hell Brett you’re all-right with us boy.

And, on the other hand, Obama’s accurate assertion Kanya West is a jackass was 110% on the money. Most reasonable Black folks are not going to attempt to justify and rationalize the behavior of a Jackass.

I know who all voted Obama President, but who voted this wanna-be Black Panther, quasi educated, armature activist, as an official Black American spokesperson. I don’t know this clown from the man in the moon.

Honestly, no more then I recall nominating Clarence Thomas as a Black role model do I remember putting my mark next to his ill-mannered light weight Huey P. Newton.

Just not anybody can’t be a role model or leader, and this jackass couldn’t carry Huey’s black leather jacket.

Granted I think he was right when West said George W. Bush didn’t like Black people, but hell, that’s a given. I’m sorry, as an overfed, long haired leaping Nome, about the same age as Obama, young Mr. West is an Jackass, an idiot, not just an example of a rudderless generation, but a role model for it. Supposedly a rapper with a repertoire beyond life ain’t nothin’ but bitches n’ money . . ..

Sure, his lyrics include Mother Goose rhymes which make some say “that’s deep” – but this aint Gil Scott Heron, this ain’t the Last Poets . . .

What these separate moment illustrate, in stark Black and White – Black people, after centuries of being treated as property, chattel, no better then cattle . . . 4th class steerage packages, after being judged not by our content, not by our character, but rather weighed and measured by some intense dislike for our skin color . . . we, as a people, refuse to stoop as low as our oppressors.

We have the ability to set aside American History 101 and still do the fair and decent thing.

Tomlin maintains the ability to set aside what we know is a vindictive Wanted Dead or Live mentality prevalent across America when it comes to interacting with Black males. Tomlin realizes one of the prime motivating factors behind the “hang Mike Vick” lynch mob was simply . . . he’s Black. An uppity arrogant Black man, Emmit Till runnin a 4.3 Forty, throwing the rock at warp 7 . . . with millions of dollars.

Chew on this sacrificial fly; Donny McNabb put aside his best interest, his personal well being and fate, in order to give a persecuted and overly prosecuted Black Quarterback a second chance, well understanding this is a nation which enjoys kicking a black man when he’s down.

It truly seems White America, as a whole, get’s a emotional rise out of insulting, belittling and demeaning Black folk.

Joe Wilson, the Johnny re’ from the Confederate state, the Birthers demanding Obama’s “Papers”, gun tottin’ Tea baggers showing up at Town hall meetings, the Rednecks who turned-up for Skylite Trailer Park Queen of 2008 – Sarah Palin, shouting “off with Obama’s head” and “kill him.” Who didn’t want little Bobby and Mary listening to the President’s Romper Room communist indoctrination speech about studying hard and staying in school?

I’d like to sit Archie Bunker on the couch and decipher “what makes a man hate like history show’s us angry White men are capable of?”

I recently had a professor of mine, young Dr. Boyce, show a flick in class, via his laptop to the screen . . . (that type of technology impresses my old ass) an HBO Documentary on Violence in America, and it absolutely hammered home, visually brought to lif what I already knew. The most civilized civilization supposedly ever known to human kind, has a history, a background of not being very civil to people of color.

Please see, please talk to and please ask any American native, Japanese American, Mexican America, Afro-American. Internment camps, reservations, plantations, projects, burros and ghettos . . . .

All, by design, not by random “happenstance.” All and any atrocities can be inflicted upon a people, when one has the audacity to determine other humans . . . are not really humans.

Yes Tomlin and Obama are both not afraid to set aside race, be objective and rational – that’s much more then I can say about the Right in this country, theirthe only good . . . fill in the blank is a dead . . . fill in the blank blind hatred is . . . blinding.