Straight No Chaser: A Dangerous Time

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 17, 2009

“I think an overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man,”

— Former President, Southern gentleman Jimmy Carter as told to NBC News.

DENVER (BASN) — The former Naval submarine commander/ Governor/farmer/home builder/Nobel Peace Prize winner also offered this jewel; ” racism inclination still exists. And I think it’s bubbled up to the surface because of the belief among many white people, not just in the South but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country. It’s an abominable circumstance, and it grieves me and concerns me very deeply.”

Can you say Nigger-lover, the Republican party sure as hell can, behind closed country club and tavern doors. And since they can’t speak there minds . . . they’ve even got their personal resident house nigger saying just that; Michael Steel.

If President Carter is right, and I tend to believe he knows his Rednecks better then I know Rednecks, better than the Obama White House, which has already made the calculated chess move by “disagreeing” with Carter. . . . If Carter is correct, then I can only assume, such deep-seeded racial revulsion can not be confined to just politics or the work place.

White intolerance must spill over into the games we play, the behind the scenes workings of the entire sports industry, Pee-Wee leagues, high schools, colleges to the NFL,NBA and MLB; the teams – players and coaches, the media, the owners, alumni and fans, all these sectors are ripe with . . . White folks, who according to both Carter and common sense . . . have fundamental issues, concerns and conflicts with Black folks being in charge, in front, in power, in anywhere but the kitchen fixing their dinner.

The 9 Black coaches in major college football, mere flesh n’ blood window dressing for the NCAA, perhaps that’s because of what Jimmy Carter is talking about? The 6 Black coaches in the NFL- can that pathetically low number be better understood . . . if we incorporate Carters opinion? Might mainstream America’s (White Folks) rejection of the NBA have something to do with Carter’s thoughts . . . an inherent inability to simply relate to, become absorbed-in an endeavor where the major players aren’t White?

Recall the sports bar conversations of the early 1980’s; the contention – the Bird/Magic, LA/Boston rivalry kept the league on the American sports fan’s front burner, otherwise, without great White Hopes to root for, The league would fold. That accurate perception applies today to the QB position, if that spot goes Black . . . White men will go insane.

The true fans and athletes will be forced to watch pro wrestling and Extreme Sports, where White kids go today, now that the sports field has been leveled and they can no longer dominate at any level, like the good ol’ days when the “fix” was in, and Blacks were out.

What Black person doesn’t decipher, read between the Red-neck lines the absolute truth – every white guy on the field or court is smart, hustles, works hard, while the Black athlete is dumb, unmotivated, immature, only motivated by money, sex and drugs – as opposed to the pure love of the sport and competition which motivates each and every BYU athletic team. . . . The flip-side, the same insulting characteristics apply to Blacks in school, the workplace . . . where ever, and we know it.

The Black man, and women are guilty, faulty and non-trust-worthy until he or she proves otherwise. White a folks are always innocent, true and trust-worthy, until they prove otherwise. Welcome to the White man’s mind. . . .

From O.J. and Marion Jones to Bonds, Vick and Serena, bigotry, racial intolerance, prejudice are considerable factors in the “hang em’ high mindset we see is America’s pastimes, and that identical preference allows this nation to dismiss Rednecks and Uncle Toms showing up at political events with guns for the first time in the story of the country.

Let me give it to you straight, no chaser . . . Carter’s comments, when it comes to Black folks. . . are merely telling us something we’ve known for 400 plus years, it’s no revelation for us, but it is one of those ol’ fashion Kodak moments where the camera is catching the indignation, the umbrage which White America deems Carter’s observation. Jimmy Carter has betrayed his race plain n’ simple.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Dick Cheney; all are swiftly moving to brand Carter the ultimate “nigger-lover” as quickly as possible. A Benedict Arnold of sorts, undermining the GOP company line, failing to uphold the centuries old “codes of denial,” betraying the thin White line, not keepin’ up the little White lie . . . .

Speaking the obvious truth. And these pied-pipers of the Right are preaching to a large crowd, of say what, 40, 50 60 . . . million fuming White folks who are, day-by-day becoming a little more paranoid, a little more insecure and much more heated.

A question for my Caucassian comrades; seriously, do you White people actually believe Black folks, Latinos, Natives, Asian Americans believe, really believe you like us? You want to mix n’ mingle.

There’s just no way most thinking folks of color can ever conclude the conservative third of this country “wants” for our children . . . what they want for theirs – life, liberty, prosperity, equality, opportunity . . . and the pursuit of happiness.

Hell, Archie Bunker can’t even believe I love my wife and kids . . . Instead, contemptuously; I’m just a mindless sex machine waiting to impregnate willing moral-less hoes and later abandon our offspring . . . .

It’s no secret “White Flight” fuels the USA housing industry, the non-stop desire on the part of “conservative” Whites to not live in integrated neighborhoods, not to shop at integrated stores or send your kids to racially integrated schools. “Diversity” and “liberalism” are terms regarded as “bad words” in White Households all across America and it’s no secret.

Sunday remains the most segregated day of the week, not because of people of color, but because that’s the way white America, conservative White America to be exact – wishes it.

Not to mention, the prior track record of “separate and unequal “, No Dogs . . . No Mexicans signs, the constant police brutality recorded by telephone cameras, men shot 20, 30 times by the constable on patrol, and the White citizens, always still backing the cops, because they too fear the Black man was going to throw all 17 officers off him and eat them all alive . . . . because he’s angry and he’s an savage, very capable of such barbarity.

If the last half century has been an example of the White man’s acceptance of all humankind, if the current self segregated US landscape is an example of what America has become since the seventies, if this is what the White man’s “love” feels like then I truly fear the White backlash a-coming.

This reluctant half-ass “tolerance” of Black folks, what White folks call integration and equality has been as deep as a pot-hole on a busy street. And most significantly, the change America has undergone in my lifetime, from the early 60’s on, has only occurred due to the threat of violence in the streets, schools and work-places across the land.

Diversity has haphazardly occurred, not due to shame, brotherhood nor enlightenment, not in the name of fairness and equality, but due to the threat of blood in the streets.

Honestly, few people of color think Carter is exaggerating, we well understand the dislike and distain White people maintain. We recognize who killed Dr King, who worked to derail the Civil Rights movement, who beheaded the Black Power struggle. Who know who showed up at the “Real” American’s righteous protest last week across the nation with signs which proudly stated

“We come unarmed . . . this time!