Runners, Take your mark!

By Tony Price, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 27, 2009

Hebrews 12:1 Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

BOSTON (BASN) — Well since I’m stranded this morning, I can’t think of a better time to sit and write a new entry. It has been a while since my last posting so the timing is perfect.

As I have traveled promoting the book with signings, radio and television appearances and delivering “Key Note” speeches in venues I never could imagine, there seems to be one common theme that keeps coming up as others ask that all too important question, what did it take to write and publish your book?

In other words how did you get past the FEAR to get it done?

And my personal favorite where did you find the time with your busy schedule?

The answer is quite simple, yet complex so I don’t want to trivialize it. My initial response to the question is this, I had to complete the book, and there was no other option.

An Unsung Coach is my story, my ministry and no one can tell my story better than me.

I then lead the person along a journey of personal accountability on how each of us has a ministry and it’s our story. I inform the individuals who ask this question that people today are seeking answers to some of life’s challenges.

Your story may have the answers to their prayers, but they’ll never receive those wisdom keys or signs of encouragement and motivation that they can make it, if you selfishly keep your story within.

The next obstacle that you have to overcome is the feeling of doubt that what you have to say and share is of value, which can paralyze your dreams and cause you to invite the biggest Thief of Dreams, PROCRASTINATION into your realm.

I constantly heard that negative voice in my head asking “who wants to read your book”.

Why would someone care about what Tony Price has to say, when they can purchase some well known celebrities autobiography. I was able to quell that voice by reaffirming to myself and saying out loud that someone out there is in need of this information, the book may not be for everyone, but it is for someone.

Once I adopted this philosophy the next step was to just start, many dream and goals never materialize because people never take the first step, they think about it, talk about it but never do it, they want all of the answers first.

It has been my experience that once you start the process the answers you seek will come. Once I began to type the first words of what would later become a manuscript the words flowed like a raging river that had been bottled up by a beaver dam.

Lastly I encourage others to practice the discipline of finishing what you start; regardless of the outcomes this will separate you from over 90 plus % of the world and opportunities will arise.

So as you can see the answer is simple, but the process is your greatest challenge and hurdle.

On your mark. Get set, Go!