Prelude To A Championship

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 17, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — The big event in boxing coming up is the Marquez-Mayweather affair and the question for boxing fans is how rusty will Floyd Mayweather be?

On the surface, this looks like a Mayweather victory, for he’s not only the bigger fighter but he may be the faster fighter; which negates any advantages Juan Manuel Marquez would have as the smaller man.

This fight is the prelude to even a bigger fight with the winner setting up a bigger pay day with Manny Pacquaio, the main money fighter in the game today. Neither Mayweather nor Marquez have proven to be money makers on their and they were often the other guy. Mayweather found himself playing second banana to the likes of Oscar De La Hoya or even Ricky Hatton.

Marquez was always overshadowed over his more famous rivals, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera and never seem to get the love of his own countryman until Morales retired and Barrera skills slipped.

For both of the fighters, this is their chance to be the stars and not be the opponents for others. Mayweather have been one of the best pound for pound over the past decade but that title moved to Manny Pacquaio when Mayweather took his sabbatical with Marquez holding on the number two spot due to his two close fights with the Pacman; one a draw and the other a lost.

The key to this fight will be first whether Marquez can stand up to Mayweather power and managed not to hit the canvas. In his two fights with Pacquaio, four knockdowns proved the deciding factor in losing both fights in very close fashion.

If Marquez had not been knocked down in their second bout; he may have come out the winner. Throughout his battle with the Philippine star, he often finished strong and hurt his opponent but not enough to send him to the canvas.

Mayweather will come into the fight as the bigger fighter and should have the stronger punch; but the second factor in this fight is ring rust. He hasn’t fought in two years in his self-imposed exile and the only reason that he’s back is because of the potential of a big payday with Pacquaio.

For Mayweather, there is the pride thing to show the world that he is still the best pound for pound and his goal is to beat the recognized best two pound for pound fighters to leave no doubt who is the greatest of this decade.

There is also the big pay day for Mayweather would never left the comfort of his retirement unless there was big dollars to be made.

Mayweather was one of the more accurate puncher when he fought; so how much ring rust has accumulated since he last put on boxing gloves is the question.

Marquez is one of those Mexicans who have blended American boxing styles with the tough left hooking attacking Mexican styles that defined previous generation of Mexican fighters just as Julio Chavez.

Many Mexican fighters have developed a effective counter puncher style to go with those fierce left hooks and Marquez may be the best counter puncher to come out of Mexico in recent times.

If Mayweather ring rust is pronounced early in the fight, Marquez is the fighter who can take advantage and while Mayweather does have monetary reason for his comeback, Marquez wants not only to win this fight but he wants one more shot at Pacquaio, for Marquez; this is not just about money but his place in boxing history.

Find a way to beat Mayweather and avenge his close lost to Pacquaio will place him high in the Mount Olympus of Mexican fighter.

Mayweather should win this fight, thus setting up a big pay day with the Pac Man but don’t be surprised if Marquez squeeze out a victory. The early rounds will tell the story if the Mexican fighter will have a chance.

If Mayweather’s power and hand speed prove decisive, he will be able to control the fight and the pace. If Marquez is able to counterpunch effectively early; this becomes a close fight.