A Questionable Off-Season In NYC

By Jerald L. Hoover, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 14, 2009

NEW YORK (BASN) — First the Knicks went after not one, but two grey-beards (by NBA standards) in Jason Kidd and Grant Hill and came away empty. Then they went after former Sixer Andre Miller and offered him what was said to be a one-year deal.

Then they flirted with Jerry Stackhouse who has seen better days; then Jason Williams who is making a comeback after being retired for a year was brought in for a try-out. Jamal Tinsley who had been Stephon Marbury-ed by the Larry Bird led Indiana Pacers for his conduct that was deemed detrimental to the team.

And the granddaddy of them all, former Milwaukee Buck and now Minnesota Timberwolf, Ramon Sessions was said to be the next point guard to run Coach D’Antoni’s Seven Seconds or Less offence.

All of that and the Knicks came away with Gabe Pruitt and Warren Carter as free agent signees. Oh, mustn’t forget Darko Millicic who was traded for Quentin Richardson.

Darko however may be able to capture his game as D’Antoni will use him differently than his past coaches, allowing him to shoot from the perimeter and pass some from the high post. He’s a big body and can block shots so that’s an area of dire need for this Knicks squad so there’s value in that.

With 2010 in site for the organization and with word that the salary cap might be shrinking, the Knicks better be thankful that neither Hill or Kidd took them up on their offers.

Kidd is yes a Hall of Famer, but he’s not playing All-star game caliber ball at this stage of his career. He was never a great or even a considered a good shooter, but now that he’s lost a step or two the young and ultra quick point guards give him fits.

With Hill who has been relatively healthy the past couple of seasons, you still wouldn’t be getting the perennial All-star he was in his Detroit days with Allan Houston. So in essence has either of the two taken the multi-year offers the Knicks would’ve been kicking themselves.

And there’s always the chance that Hill would’ve turned an ankle and been out for a month. Kidd would’ve found a way to come up wobbly also, New York has a way of doing that to you.

You know how superstar players that kill the Knicks, Yankees etc. and when they join the team all of their faults, flaws and nagging injuries come to the forefront.

They better hope that the young guys that they’re putting so much faith in show up to play and play well. Danillo Galinari and Wilson Chandler to be exact. Those two seem to be the faces of the franchise these days, even more so than David Lee who along with hot-head Nate Robinson still an unsigned restricted free agent.

Chandler despite naysayers saying he was inconsistent at times last year broke out with 14 points per game while averaging 33 minutes. Not bad for a guy drafted by Isiah Thomas in first lower half of the first round two seasons ago.

And Galinari needs more than anything to stay healthy. He has a great attitude, has a sweet stroke from the outside and is crazy smart on the court. He is probably the smartest basketball player on the team, right now.

If those two can average in the high teens and the team shows overall improvement that might attract a certain free agent with the number 23 on his back to venture into the NYC area.

If not, it will cap space that will have to be used to patch up somewhere else which would mean overpaying an underachieving free agent. And with that, Donnie Walsh would be run out of town.