Straight No Chaser: Vick’s an Eagle

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 15, 2009

“I needed to see a lot of self hatred in order to approve this . . . ”

DENVER (BASN) — That statement, offered-up by the Eagle’s K-9 loving owner Jeffrey Lurie, who said he did serious “soul searching” regarding Vick . . . thank the stars this man found in his heart to give another man a second chance.

Remorse, contriteness, regret, shame, embarrassment, nor dishonor would failed to have satisfied Lurie. No this gentleman needed Vick to . . . as he said – hate himself.

Vick perhaps, had to hate himself as much as so called sports writers across the nation hate Vick. . . . These “journalists” — now that he’s been signed — will be impatiently waiting, hoping, planning on No. 7 failing, just like so many in this nation are crossing their fingers – in hope Obama fails.

It’s a White thing.

Gee, Vick had to “hate himself” to get a gig back in the NFL?

Former Vice Overlord, Dick Cheney, I’d bet – didn’t have to hate himself for outing a CIA agent. The President, and all his men in Congress, let the bastard back in the White House. I can only assume the Benedict Arnold like betrayal of your country is one thing, dog fighting in Virginia is quite another.

Even if Vick is successful, there’re those who’d rather not see him escort the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory, just as apparently there those who’d rather see Americans suffer, the empire crumble – before they’d want to see President Obama’s game plan for this country succeed .

That’s the next chapter in this saga; recognizing the alarming “anti Black” mood sweeping white America, can either one of these men do anything under the sun, which will satisfy angry White folks, outside of dropping dead?

I’m not so sure either can.

Like a ripe onion, Philly’s inking of Mike Vick has a number of layers to it.

Right beneath the skin it appears both camps win. All parties benefit from this deal. By Vick stepping in . . . the Eagles have the capacity to demonstrate the value in having a double barreled pump shotgun, sawed off . . . with a pistol grip. Loaded with double odd buck shot when you walk down an alley called he NFC East. . . .

A layer deeper, this only worked because McNabb is a class act – Donovan all too well understands there’s a constant, behind-the-scenes backlash effort to blackball the Black QB, any black field- general, and Vick in particular.

No. 5 actually encouraged, even escorted Vick inside the Eagle’s camp, despite knowing, only because Donovan is a daring warrior – he stands to miss a game or two . . . at least this season, and when he does, and Vick steps in . . . instant quarterback controversy.

One in which a number of fans will not want to see either one win out, instead hoping for a — forgive me — “dog eat dog” caged death match in which they dismember each other.

Another layer deeper, landing in the city of Brotherly Love . . . buys Vick time to get himself together, focus on a familiar offense which suits his talents, get up to his normal supersonic speed, get the kinks out of that Bazooka he has as an arm.

More-so, No. 7 moves into a very, very stable organization which has a recent tradition of winning. The offense is state of the art, the coaches – quality. For the first time Vick will get the polishing he lacks as a QB.

Scratch your head over this; Philadelphia , which still loves Smok’in Joe Frazier, even as Joe gloats and mocks Ali’s pathetic condition – Frazier takes pride, responsibility and credit for damaging a man like that . .

and the town loves him, identifies with his Rocky like barbaric attitude.

Hell, these cats boo hurt players and throw snow balls at Santa . . . .

I don’t give a damn what those simple-minded Loch Ness Monster lovers over at PETA say or think, destroying a man, like Joe boast he accomplished, is greater a tragedy – then destroying dogs . . . . >

If this city’s got luv for Smokin Joe, they’ve got to have a little for Mike . . . . He killed dogs, not people, and most of the world understands the vast difference.

At the core, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, Mr. Lurie and Andy Reid will forever be branded “nigger-lovers” in more truck stops, sports bars, board rooms and church picnics then you could ever guess. They’ll pay a price in certain social circles.

Their families will feel some heat, because, like President Obama – Vick is a Black man . . . Who was given, allowed, permitted far-too much . . . juice, and a significant slice of this nation would like to put both these “uppity negras’ back in their rightful places.

Rightful places; shining shoes, sweepin’ floors, as maids, butlers, cooks, mammies and drivers . . . don’t fool yourself, the inflamed “Conservative Right” in America is letting everybody know, this changing of the guard, President or quarterback . . . . no matter how fair, how warranted such change might be . . . . won’t be allowed to take place . . . without a knock-down, drag-out . . . revolution.

No, they won’t.

I’m starting to guess I was too hard on Andy Reid; I questioned his gridiron/locker room judgment – based in part, on his perceived questionable parenting skills. I even wondered . . . out-loud, if Andy’s Mormon faith, which, if nothing else – has found its brotherly love . . . questioned, by brothers was, in part his motivation to bench/bitch/slap McNabb.

I was wrong.

Of course I still have my reservations and concerns when it comes to religions condemning a entire race of people, be it Louis Farakkan, the man with Malcom X’s blood still on his hands or Joseph Smith’s Disciples who believe I’ve a tale – God painted and thus tainted me for eternity . . . . but I believe I misjudged Coach Reid.

I was clearly wrong about his character because he just went against most of his peers, many of whom will never forgive him for signing a man who’s another walking racial litmus test for this nation.

So we move on from here; the established sports press, presently is running nothing but bit’s and pieces of video with Vick rightfully apologizing . . . I think some White guys actually get an erection when they see Vick say “I was wrong.”

It’s some devant pleasure derived from humbling a human. One can only imagine how this mentality expressed itself decades ago when it was completely unchecked and unable to be confronted . . . ?

Well, I guess that would be the “separate and unequal” America Republicans are always harking back to, yesteryear, the good ol’days when everybody “knew, and perhaps more significantly, accepted their place; “woman, bring me my meal, Jasper, boy, bring the car around right now. . . .”

At some point sportsfans will accept Vick was not burned at the stake . . . . for eternity, and they will start knit-picking his every word and facial gesture, because, at the end of the day, Mike Vick can’t say he’s sorry enough to please a large slice of redneck sports fans.

Screw them.