Straight No Chaser: The Ultimate Catch 22

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 10, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Do you think any banana eating jungle monkey (according to Boston’s finest) can get a fair, square-deal anywhere in America . . . ?

Somebody go put that Teena Marie cassette on – I’m talking square-bizness.

If a exceptional Latina’ Federal Judge – Princeton learned, top of her class, Yale enlighten, Big apple DA, coupled with a – Harvard educated, up from his bootstraps President, both over, over over achievers against an assortment of manmade obstacles . . . and this nation’s angry white populace has the audacity to brand both . . . ignorant, lacking character . . .

No less, the dumb-ass masses, yes, are being led in this belittling war-chant by a mildly educated college dropout like Rush “W. C. Fields” Limbaugh . . . .

If this is the picture-window into the minds of White folks, who, with their eyes wide open – blindly despise . . . those who’ve done exceptional, then there’s – screw little, no hope for the rest of us.

We can never make happy the great White father. Seriously, tell me – how in the hell can a Black man, from Florida A&M get a fair shake if these . . . e-lites can’t?

Yes, off the field, Bob Hayes snorted cocaine like an . . . American president. Matter-of-fact, our last president, and the one before him, the Blue eyed sax-man snorted up Peru. But, on the field of competition, the only place which should matter in the eyes of HOF judges . . .

The Bullet, who earned super bowl rings, set team records, must be credited with mandating the creation of new and different defensive coverages to contain him . . . .and brought “home . . . ” ain’t that a bitch – Olympic medals – did not get a fair shake from a group of elitist, ex-jock, jock sniffin’ wanna-bes’ who dare to refer to themselves as . . . journalist.

FOX journalists?

The Bullet had been snubbed by the sports writers who comprise the NFL’s Hall Of Fame “senior committee” of selectors, and the obvious question here is: Why?

Do some of these men consider Hayes a banana eating jungle monkey? Gee, it only seems logical I ask. If jungle monkeys are what the police officer eyes, then maybe his brother, the doctor. . . sees jungle monkeys also.

Maybe the cop’s sister, the judge . . . sees watermelon eating jungle monkeys, and perhaps the cop’s father-in-law . . . the sports writer for a major publication . . . maybe he too sees dancing porch monkeys . . . ?

If white folks see monkeys to their left, apes to their right . . . if even only half of them see coons, why then that explains a lot doesn’t it? Police brutality, elevated bank and home loans denial , marginal medical care, inferior education dispensed by Uncle Sam.

As well as the trivial; 9 head coaches out of 120 major college football programs., and a midget’s mitts worth of Black head coaches, QB’s and Cheerleaders in the NFL?

Wow, it explains the wide spread “want” for Larry Bird to construct a “to show them all” NBA team composed of only one persuasion . . . Caucasian.

Mr Hayes has been, overall – eligible for over a quarter of an century – nevertheless this fraternity of no, not his peers, but rather predominantly white men, non-players even, who didn’t, and quite frankly couldn’t go into gridiron battle with the Bullet – judging Black men, didn’t find him acceptable. Go figure?

Instead these writers/priest/hypocrites thought it their place to judge . . . to send a message to society, to the ghetto – we, our advanced society . . . refuses to elevate conflicted crooked men to such a highly visible pedestal if they’ve strayed-off the straight and narrow. We don’t reward reckless law-breakers.

George Bush, is according to the shrinks – addicted to firewater for the rest of his days, as well as cocain . . . . for life. This was well known to the Republican Party (White men). They forgave W., and voted him when he ran for Governor of the lone star state, and when he stole two presidential elections.

It’s simply amazing what can be looked beyond when a son-of-a-bitch . . . is your-son- of-a-bitch

Not to mention, by most accounts, the 43rd President of these so-called United States of America . . . was a draft dodger, who concocted stories, thus, he was an artful dodger, whose well connected father connected all the strings, and senators to get his boy Elroy off the front lines of Viet Nam.

W. was not a leader in the classroom or on the fields of athletic competition, he was a legacy ( affirmative Action for rich white men) male cheerleader . . . . who failed at all the business opportunities daddy laid at his feet.

The Bush family can easily be connected to both the Iran-contra-Compton/crack gate scandal and supporting real Nazi’s during WWII . . . the Big One. But that ws . . . OK.

If this man can be nominated for the highest office in the land, and Caucasian Americans be so forgiving, so tolerate of the collections-of-contradictions which are Big George W’s life – turn their backs while this low life sum-bitch stole not one election . . . but two . . ., threw the Empire into a never-ending Holy war over Texas Tea – his draft dodging, 6 deferments VP – little Dick Cheney can plot to raise the price of Black gold to a hundred bucks a barrel,, betray CIA operatives . . . and nobody on the “4th Right” wants Eric Holder, this country’s highest attorney, to seek the truth and justice.

Ain’t that a mutha’ for ya?

One would think the sports luvin’ sportswriters of America would have had enough tough love in their hearts to do the same for “Bullet Bob” Hayes.

But no, that’s not how the “mainstream” public court of opinion functions when it comes to weighing and measuring Black people.

No, with us it’s more than likely it’s the historical “throw the book at the boy” mentality. The tradition “make an example of him” mind-set, the customary castration of coons’.

SI word smith Paul Zimmerman resigned, for the moment, from the Selection Committee in 04′ in protest of the decision to leave Hayes out of the Hall, he knew their true motivations.

Bob may not have said it, and he can’t now anyway. Nor would any of his family say it, but on behalf of some who admired the way he played the game, and understand how he redefined the game . . .

I say to you arrogant bastards . . . go screw yourself, what you’ve done to him, this punishment is pilling-on, akin to the cops in the Ryan Moats and Dr, Gates cases.

Little men, little in a multitude of ways, trying to impose their will.

Jack, I’d like to hear the argument against the fact; there are at least two or three standards of conduct and behavior in America – always has been, always will be.

Black justice, where you find just-us behind bars, painted and tainted for life. Compared to White justice, where you literally get away with robbing the bank and committing murder.

Crazy Horse and Cochise massacred and slaughtered , while General George A. Custer defended and fought back . . . .

No, that’s too far back, the red necked Tea-Baggers will cry foul . . .

Try the immediate contemporary hatred for Obama, it’s almost over-night, within one year – he is public enemy #1 in the minds of . . . angry white folks. The world, the world of color . . . may love him . . . while predictably White America “just can’t trust the uppity . . . .”

He’s today being equated to Hitler, the man who hated Jews and Blacks – because he’s trying to get quality medica care for poor White trash, those being pimped and played by the Thurston Howell III wing of the GOP, the aristocrats.

Regardless if it’s Colin Powell, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, O.J., Vick – or obviously the everyday Reggie n, Regina – the hatred which seems to percolate out of the White power base – and raise it’s ugly head amongst the rank n’ file, with these vivid realities plastered all over the TV and internet in-mind, the question now, come 2010, a decade into the 21st century . . .

can a Black person get a fair anything in America?

And if no is the answer, then it must be time for Black folks to catch the 7:15 to Madagascar? Get the hell out of Dodge. Why stay where we are not wanted despite our massive contributions to the making of this Empire?

Hey, I’m all for a pooling of Black capital and assets, a few mass sell-off’s and good night, back to Africa, or anywhere. Disgruntled and fed up Black folks like myself, purchase a couple of small islands in the Carribean, move to the Netherlands what ever, at the end of the day, about a thrid of Black America say’s “I’m out, give em’ what they want.