Straight No Chaser: The Green Mile

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 6, 2009

DENVER (BASN) – I was in the lap, with a pen and pad . . . when I found I just had to weigh in on the Vick Soap, Oprah.

Talk about flippin’ the script. . . .

Granted, Mike Vick could already lay claim to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, having outgunned the Great White Hope himself, Brett Favre there a few moons ago . . . 03. Still, talk about contradictions, the most loved caucasian gladiator since Sir Larry Bird, being replaced by . . . “that one,” Vick a nationally despised uppity . . . .

Oh please, let’s not sit here, where as a nation, we’ve reveled that education, transportation, health care, the economy, politics, policing, Foreign Affairs, all aspects of life in America – has a racial element to it, and then hypocritically try to impose some ridiculous rule – race is not a component in American Sports . . . .

Kiss me when you bend me over baby.

Vick, in the mind’s of most Afro-Americans is undeniably the victim of not just his own obvious arrogance and stupidity, but of a highly pissed-off White lynch-mob, hell bent on hanging him at sunrise or shooting him at sunset.

This still young NFL Black signalcaller symbolizes the young defiant cocky Ebony Alpha-Male that white wives, daughters and mothers are attracted to . A colored punk who desperately needs to be put back in 1951

“Tonto,” “My Man Friday,” “Rochester” Place. That’s what the “Vick should be made to play running back” that single thought amplifies the hostile inner racial thought’s White guys maintain.

That demotion is critical in the minds of White males, they desperately want to insult Black people, specifically males . . . it’s a historical thing.

Aint’t that a punk ass bitch for ya’ . . . .

Vick’s case struck a cord with angry White hunters and fisherman sitting about – waiting to bitch, moan, groan and complain about how bad they’ve got it, to a non-sympathetic national audience -about how bad the White man has it, especially in Obam’s New America . . And about how bad Black people are. Along with Mexicans, Injunes, A-Rabs, China-men, Frenchmen, uppity women folk . . . .

What’s alarming, the backlash meter is rising, from that constant cold war paranoia level of the half- century to ” Well Rush, my wife and I are both in our 60′s, and we both carry handguns, everywhere, everyday . . . not so much because we are seniors, but just because of the general feel, the fear out in the public, there’s another revolution coming Rush . . . ”

Paranoia >noun 1 a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance. 2 unjustified suspicion and mistrust of others

In a nation where . . . pissed-off White men are drawing lines in the sand, insulted that the general populace could ever vote for “that one,” bring “that one” home, to sit at the breakfast table . . . after spending the night.

Now, Teddy Bear Thompson is on the verge of adding injury to such an insult, allowing “that one” to Captain one of America’s Heartland teams, on the verge of sighing one of America’s livin’ n. breathin’ racial litmus test – Vick, O.J., Rodney King, Bernard Goetz, Judge Sonya Sotomayor , Uncle Clarence Thomas

Yes, no less, this is damn near lily White Green Bay.

Recall Reverend Reggie White integrated the town and team in 1992, post-Lombardi era? How does this play on Main Street, Green Bay? Ohhh, to be a . . . white guy in the chair of the Barbershops, coffee shops and gun shops of this little town.

It will be interesting to watch sportsbars across America, where we’ll se guys public ally denounce their once “favorite” team, “America’s team” because they signed “that one.”

I’d be shocked, turn White, if there aren’t protests in the stadium parking lots, fur covered Ivy league bimbo’s marching around, fans turning in their season tickets. Vick winning in Green Bay . . . may not trump White folks dislike of black people in general, which clearly, there’s an abundance of disdain, dislike, distrust, just any ol’ kind of “dis” White America today has for Black America.

Yes, there are separate and unequal America’s. And I’ve got to be the first to ask . . . how we the town of Green Bay treat Vick. Can he live their, shop in the stores, have a Ice cream cone downtown?

Sorry, I had to ask. This is a country that does not like black people. Ask the president, they can’t get enough secret service for him nor his family.

The story in Packer land, if that’s where they let Vick play – is going to be as much about what Vick does on the field, as what Green Bay, or any town reacts to his arrival in the midst of a coast to coast Redneck backlash.