Straight No Chaser: Strange Bedfellows

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 2, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Let’s not do a little dance, make a little luv, or wait till tonight to get down, instead, let’s get to both the nitty and the gritty . . . . right here, and right now.

The argument can be made the NFL is supporting right wing fanatics who are currently, publically betraying the President and the country, ala hate monger Glenn Beck who is probably one of the most dangerous white people in America -” This president has exposed himself, I think, as a guy, over and over and over again, who has a deep-seated hatred for white people, or white culture.”

Here’s that argument; I’m positive, more then certain the aristocratic consortium . . . precisely what the NFL and MLB owners constitute – don’t give a damn their product shares the radio airwaves with white-hot Rednecks like Beck, Rush or Hannity.

But I’m a little bit more contrary when it comes to the players union; can they be content with being packaged, “sardined” if you know what they are . . .

and marketed with these Pied Pipers of the “isms?” glenn-beck/glenn-beck-claims- president-obama-is-a-racist/

Mr. DeMaurice Smith, new head of the NFLPA, I’m sure, is not ignorant of that line by Beck – nor the bottom line – with Black players doing all the heavy lifting, they’re not only assisting racist in prospering and expanding across the radio airwaves, these players are, in essence, helping pour gas on an already burning house fire called US race relations.

This millionaire’s union, of vastly once poor Black kids, can’t, they all just can’t be oblivious . . . . to the obvious. These New n’ Improved Klansmen of the air, Paul Reveres in White sheets – are riding on the backs of Black athletes, benefitting from the audience that pro sports gather for their radio advertisers.

Solidifying the credibility a station gain’s in the eye’s of it’s advertisers and audience – simply because it is the ” voice” of the Rams, Raiders, Ravens or Dolphins.

Considering the investment wealthy Latino’s have just made in the NFL, and since the time for justice and equality is always, always right here, and right now, I have to ask, are you too bothered by the .

. . not so curious business relationships between the media outlets which host both NFL teams, and Caucasian cats – gone insane?

Ricky Bobby talking about erecting 44 foot glass chip infested, razor barbed wire topped off walls along the Southern boarder of the US, alligator stocked moat and all, men who want Mexico bound buses and trains filled with brown people, who’ve been permanently bar-coded, head or ass, these bastards don’t give a damn.

Here in the Mile Hi metropolis, which can only mirror other markets across the land, the Rockies noon-time game bumps Rush Limbaugh over to yet another Clear Channel holding, which runs spots which let you know when, where and why you can find Rush today , because of the game; because of the connection between the men who want “Obama to fail” and MLB.

It simply comes off as a nicely working relationship between all these business partners, Rush, Beck, Clear Channel and the Broncos, Rockies, CU Buffalo football team – all, on the same team.

One benefits – if the other benefits. All these businesses hope the radio stations – do well, sound well, portray their operation as professional, conduct a profitable business on a high level. .

So what you here on these radio stations is a “Murderers Row” of angry rednecks alternating between opening the mic to every so called patriotic purist who believes Obama is a Martian to the Go back to Mexico crowd of crusty crackers.

I can’t speak for anybody but Desi. . . I wouldn’t want my product, my major sports franchise mentioned in the same breath as Beck, who’s going around saying, of this nations President . . . ” I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people, I’m saying he has a problem, this guy is, I believe, a racist.”

As an American, and that’s more then the President if you listen to the Archie Bunker Clear Channel Choir. . . but as a citizen of this country, I’m troubled by the embracing of these SOBs’, the attempt to brand OK. give legitimacy to, to ordain these anti-everybody but white men mouthpieces by the White male power structure is . . . wrong.

Instead of distancing their premier product from the “rabble rousers,” the men who’re fanning the highly combustible flames of racism and classism . . . the NFL chooses to allow their brand to be attached to the business operations who give these men a national/global platform, and , at the same time deny that same stage to the liberal/progressive/labor 3/4ths of America . . . .

Need I remind you . . The NFL has yet to tell Rush he is unfit to command a platoon of Black professional athletes. Logically, most would not perform for him. Not every Black man is a spineless Gumby like yellow belled, punk-ass buffoon like his “Step’n fetch’ sidekick – his personal bitch, BoSnerdly.

Bo is Rush’s pet nigger, don’t you know?

These mad men, and hell yes, they’re mad, are not merely playing politics, there playing “battlefield.” The 4th Right in this country deems the health care bill as a form of affirmative action, Obama’s agenda is strategically being packaged as a Trojan Horse, Black Trojan Horse of course, Obama’s sly implement of bills for slavery reparations – the absolute one topic which inflames White America.

We undeserving decedents of slaves, who survived what no human should have to – we who worked from can’t see , to can’t see . . . . who built this empire with our blood, sweat, tears and brains, we, of former 4th class citizens – who endured separate and unequal everything, will somehow steel a penny from White people, who claim to have by no measure benefitted from the oppression and exploitation this nation practiced .

Just the idea, at the end of the day good n decent White folk will have to suffer/share/give/underwrite lazy, clueless, reckless, child-like inferior people of color – is motivation enough for Beck to declare the situation in America becoming, overnight, one of either the ballot . . . or the bullet, this option of course according to Beck.

That would be treason.

Mr. Smith, I have to believe the NFLPA, predominated by men who are not judged by the content of their character or of their physical abilities, but, by the color of their skin – understands it’s belittling, insulting and unacceptable, to be associated in business with a man who utters this type of volatile hyperbole.

Have no doubt about it Mr. Smith, Beck and Rush grossly benefit from this “arrangement.” Please enlighten me as to how the NFL benefits from being tied to men who are advocating states leave the Union in protest of this Presidents first 180 days . . . ?

You can’t turn a deaf ear, blind eye nor cold shoulder to this incestreous profit stream the NFL arrogantly maintains.

White folks may never admit this, but there’s a sentiment they hold which I deciphered years ago, not all White people, but as a group, i.e., the GOP, they adhere to this singular thought pattern; I am not my brother’s keeper, we are not in this together, and clearly it is not all for one and one for all. .

Once again, I don’t see the fat cats giving a damn, but it is my hope the players will understand that their bosses . . . most likely Republicans, which means in today’s America – they don’t like . . .

anybody, deem you as little more then a chess piece. As a gladiator, you have to be well aware, in such a business . . . you’re expendable, only as good as your last performance in the coliseum.

Gee, Maverick owner . . . Mark Cuban made it clear, some of these plantation owners will talk about your mama even.

Mr D. Smith, you have to convince these lost, mindless . . . twits, who’re without question pre-occupied with controlling the global weather, makin’ it rain in every strip joint from Maine to Spain . . .

Then comprehending the simple situation; pissed off, paranoid White men, who comprise the main elements – the media, the corporate sponsorship, pro team owners, university administrators and alumni , governors, mayors and hot dog stand vendors are usurping, hijacking the stage you set, the purchasing power you bring to one event . . .to pound the “I hate Niggers” war drums.