Straight No Chaser: Sister Power

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 26, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Did you know . . . .?

Venus and Serena, the extraordinary Williams sisters, who’ve redefined and colorized women’s professional tennis – have recently purchased, not a restaurant or boutique – but a piece of the Miami Dolphins . . . providing a modern-day example of . . . Black Power.

Did you know of their recent Monopoly Game exploits? Few people do?

What an unprecedented, audacious, bodacious, calculated financial maneuver. What a water-shed event in the world of sports ownership . . . Earlier this summer Latino musicians Gloria and Emilio Estefan, as well as J-Lo and Marc Anthony, recently bought slices of the team.

Last week two Black women buy their way into an exclusive country club, the NFL, which once banned and bared people of color from participating on any level but cleaning out the locker room.

Where’s their props? Where’s their r-e-s-p-e-c-t? Somebody go put on the Queen of Soul’s anthem.

Where’s the notation and adulation? Where’s the sports commentary which spells out how significant it is that a couple of women, Black women at that, have joined the ranks of NFL owners? And let’s note, these women were not given a piece of the team, they applied their hard earned earnings to do so.

It’s so quiet; you can hear a rat piss on cotton . . ..

Might it be comical to expect . . . angry Caucasian sports writers, in a nation as racially divided as America appears to be, to willingly recognize, acknowledge and commend this type of racial and gender progress? Progress implies struggling, against something the “Right” in this nation argues . . . .does not exist.

After all, the party of Strom Thrumond have an extremely hard time even admitting racism, sexism and the discrimination it produces – ever really existed in America, and believe today the one n’ only relevant racism in America is . . . get this – reverse discrimination.

Ain’t that a bastard!

This is but another example of how the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is marginalized when the major sports media machines are deliberately void of Black writers, and when the few who-do have the opportunity to be sports journalist turn their back on their obligation to tell it the way it really is.

Sure, blow me off, but these same sports writers can cover the NFL, and never speak of the horrific hobbit’s handful of Afro-American coaches . . . in a sport pre-dominated, hell, dominated by Black men. USA Today’s Jarett Bell can cover the Vick affair, and never mention the role of race.

As if, as if, skin color is irrelevant in the Vick story.!

I’ve been requesting they revoke Bell’s Black Man Club Card for a ’bout a year now . . . . if nothin’ else, down grade his card to the nickel-platted version.

Now. Of course, the Williams’s bought only a small slice of the Miami franchise, but had the Hilton hoes done the same . . . it would be a much greater story.

The American sports press, which in predictable Neanderthal fashion – defines female success – as a brain-less Bimbo, a Barbie doll, who preferably had a lobotomy at birth, who resembles Barbie . . . on Hillbilly Crack – at 5’9, 99 pounds, 39, 22, 30 . . . can you say “twiggy?” s

Nonsensical bean-pole clothes rack chickie boos – who think, in Cuba they speak the native tongue of . . .

Cubic, who believe the small rivers which feed into the great Nile are the . . .

.Juveniles, who believe the English Channel is right next to the Shopping Channel – 367.

I’d submit the Williams’ business move demonstrates these young ladies, straight out of South-Central, have a mind of their own, and that’s much more then I can say for a number of their athletic peers, male or female.

This was a brilliant, and long-over-due landmark investment which should be touted, nevertheless – I can hear a weasel wee-wee on wool . . .

The fear – it might start a trend. You let one of them, ” that one” as John McCain said . . . . on the block, there goes the neighborhood, the nightmare begins; a few other chocolate celebrities will form an investment group – 33 and half acres and a Jackass , strategically recruit other high profile Black folk – buy into certain teams, carry out an game-plan to go from the field, from ground level to the penthouse.

This is Black Power.

You ever watch Big Valley; Nick, Jarred, Heath, Audrey and Miss Victoria Barkley. The Williams move was a Ms. Barkley move. It insulted the other big time cattlemen in the NFL Ranchers association who can’t be too happy these “gals” got into their exclusive country club.

The NFL roundtable, like board rooms across the land, are not lily white . . . because of happenstance. One of their unspoken rules; Women, gals of color, should be seldom seen and hardly ever heard. . . . .

Forgive me, but the contempt, the scorn . . . the envy harbored for these two lovely ladies . . . would require hours to spell-out and break down, but it is rooted primarily in the fact they are Black women, rich Black women.

On top of that, their appearance is not of the preferred house Negro “mulatto” look, you know; Lena Horn, Dorothy Dandridge, Dianne Carroll, Vanessa Williams, Mariah Carey or Beyonce.

They were being called nappy headed hoes . . . long before the Syracuse women were insulted.

They are, more then full featured women, one lean, fluent and eloquent, the other thick, explosive and curvaceous. Too much woman for some guys. See “Field Slave.”

The type of Ebony beauties which created the . . .

once you go Black. You never want to go back. Ask Vanessa’s man. . . . Or maybe a little more accurate, the darker the berry, the sweater the juice . . ..

Lip and hip implants . . . don’t need em’ born with em’ baby.

Here’s the curve ball – Black American’s color, flavor and features – span the spectrum, primarily due to the European’s uncontrollable desires . . . Call it Jungle fever.

I just like to make sure I state that fact, because this country is successful at slighting the Black woman’s vast beauty, while coronating Sandy-the-Snowflake as the worlds standard of beauty.

I beg to differ . . . as does the world, but when has Rush Archie Bunker, Glen Beck and Dan Patrick ever gave a damn what the little people of the world think?

However, the rejection of the Williams sisters only starts with their looks; this ground breaking advancement is being minimized and all but ignored because they’ve refused to conform to the status-quo.

They’ve brandished the braids, the beads, the cat-woman outfit, (all women would want to wear that outfit, but only a certain type cam pull-it off) which only confirms their arrogance in the eyes of an audience which disliked them the moment they walked onto the clay.

Assimilate, conform, kowtow, kiss ass and suck-up. Be overly-appreciative, more then eternally grateful for being, dig this – allowed to . . . dominate the sport No, instead they’ve taken social/political stands, stood with then-Senator Obama as he sought the Oval office.

Their Parents molded and shaped these pieces of clay correctly.

The dynamic duo has acknowledged the role of race in their sport, and that’s frowned on by White America, the court of public opinion has determine they played the race card, and thus they are labeled “uppity Negresses”. Any time an American, of color acknowledges the uneven playing field which is America , they become a problem.

That’s the American Way.