Straight No Chaser: Role Models

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 4, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — I’m one who believes sports reflect all the “isms” inside America; thru the games we play, we exhibit those biases which mold and shape America.

With that thought tucked in your shirt . . . . And with the oceanic abyss the Republican Party is plunging the USA deeper into, the Redneck’s tactical attacks on any effort to prod America into living up to its own mighty big words . . .

We hold these truths to be self evident – all men are created equal . . . their Pat Buchanan articulated demonic desires to make this a national debate about race, patriotism, contributions and tellin’ the truth . . . With that being the lay of the land . . . I’d like some answers.

How long do I have to keep pretending the Sports hall’s of fame are legitimate? It’s about time to demand the truth be told and depicted accurately. The Hero/Role Model industry is a serious one.

It only seems appropriate, in such a portioned and fractionalize nation, one in-which the good ol’ boys on the Right, in the red, laying claim to being the only ones in search of the burning bush truth – then we must apply those high expectations to the games, the sports we both play and love.

If this county is one, which demands tellin’ it the way it really is . . . then we must tell it the way it really was.

Walk into any barbershop in America which caters to Black men, and they’ll tell you, straight, with no chaser, there’s no-way the major sport’s hallowed Hall’s of Fame, both collegiate and profession – should be permitted to continue to pump-up this myth of “historical White male superiority” on the field’s of athletic competition.

Perhaps a legal lawsuit will halt this madness, shine a-light on untruths . . . ?

Where can I find a good lawyer. I’ll ask Ed O’ Bannon.

Over the last century, generations of, millions of little White kids have had their ego’s boosted, their self-esteem inflated – because they knew some guy – who looked like them, and who they wanted to grow up to be just like . . . made it from the same trailer park . . . . was able to attend a “university,” able to make it in pro sports.

You know . . . role models.

Over the last century million’s of little Black kids, my father’s generation and his fathers, and his fathers – had their ego’s lowered, their self-esteem deflated, because they didn’t know some guy, who looked just like them, and who they wanted to grow up to be just like . . . . couldmake made it from the same projects as they . . . . be able to “make it,” attend a “university,” and able to make it in pro sports.

There should be attached, at the very, very least – an asterisk, as big as a Brazilian stripers’s ass – to every star who shined and dined on . . . only the little fish. Those who were “permitted” to be the big fish in the little tank, which banned and barred all the other fish.

Our society, sports fans in particular, because of all those tall tall tales told of heroism, determination and tenacity – fabricated fables employed to mold and shape boys into men . . . ought to recognize and admit the truth . . .

Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Red Grange, Sling’in Sammy Baugh, Bobby Lane, the entire NBA pre-Russell/Wilt, just go down the list of stars who played in an America which practiced apartheid – these legends did not play against the best.

These gentleman, as good as they were . . . there’s a significant chance – a number of these guys wouldn’t have made the A-team, started varsity at any level of competition, little league to the big leagues, had the field been open to other American citizens.

How many White heroes couldn’t have beat out the Black boy on their high school team – had not a separate and unequal America been fabricated ., . . ? College and pro teams, based on 2nd grade logic, had this country not been segregated . . . would have been 30% Black in the 1940s.’

Think, Jackie Robinson was rookie of the year, MVP the next, and everybody knew he was not even close to the best the Negro Leagues had to offer! Satchel Paige won a World Series at . . . 42?!

Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a question, a hotspot of which White men refuse to discuss. I forgot my ESPN/FOX/Yahoo Sports script. That’s a conversation White sports journalist and fans refuse to have.

I’m suppose to overlook the truth; had Jesse Owens and Jerome Biffle not been third class citizens, after they defended this nations honor and penis size in Berlin, they should have come”home” and entered say the NFL or MLB where their talents would have been valued and rewarded.

Owens might well have been the best receiver to play the game from 1936 to 1952, a Jerry Rice like career, instead he worked odd jobs and raced horses.

What if Jackie Robinson had played pro football, and played the QB spot? Let me tell you what if . . . the NCAA and NFL would have had Black QBs in the league at the close of WWII (the big one) meaning, meaning . . . numerous Black QB’s in the NFL by the late 50’s early 60s. By the 1980’s, I’d wager over half the teams in the NFL would have had Black QB’s.

I can’t say a couple of my heroes, Jim Brown and Gale Sayers would be so, so . . . so immortalized – had they strapped on a helmet and competed against teams – which were say 40 % Black even. Forgive me, but I think even the great ones would admit, they might not have ran around, thru over and by brothers . . . so easily.

Black Magic as the Kansas Comet – Sayers was dubbed, might not have scored 6 TDs on a muddy field, if he’d been playing against more players from Grambling, BAMF’s who were faster then Cotton mouths . . . .

Anybody want to challenge that statement . . . Any body want to bring truth to face racism . . . I do.

I’ll suggest now, as I have before, this nation’s greatest President – may well have been Fredrick Douglass, if the field of life had been open and level.

Black men occupying the top position, be it genius, golden boy or any version of brain n’ brawn, is a bleak thought for millions, yes millions of white folks across the land. This would constitute a nightmare, a blackening of the games this nation holds dear, a painting of the White house.

Wall Street, Main Street will never be the same after we move in.

There’s no other way to look upon the records and feats without wondering . . . would half these guys have ever made the hall – if their prime competition was not deliberately excluded?

How can there not be an asterisk next to everything?

Tragically, people always refer to the point; “Well, there are no Black Quarterbacks/Head Coaches in the hall, so the progress you people demand will have to come slowly, it’s a big climb for you guys.”

That current excuse fails to incorporate the sad fact, the NFL/MLB/NBA Hall’s of the famous are testaments to exactly how separate and unequal this nation has been over the years, not some non-bias yardstick of which we can weigh and measure men or social progress.

How can these heroes be billed as heroes? Is this not false marketing? Doesn’t the wrapping on the jar paint an inaccurate picture? Aren’t the vital numbers erroneous? Isn’t the packaging and wording . . . misleading?

Are these shrines, and all the props and perks they accord their members not apart of the endless propaganda campaign within US culture to promote White males . . . and demote Black males, slight all people of color?

The mental damage these falsehoods are responsible for is not determinable – too vast, too deep to tell. It’s like listening to your Uncle Jimmy tell you war stories, and he’s always the hero, always the smartest, bravest, toughest guy in the room. Those tall tales, if rammed down your throat for the last century . . .

I’ve got a call out to the same law firm former UCLA hoopster Ed O’Bannon is working with in regards to the NCAA exploiting player’s image and name, .

Hausfeld LLP , a highly noted a global firm commented to righting wrongs.

I’m not doing this because of race, or the racial hostility we all feel in the air, but due to the the ripples, the waves sports create in society, their influence and impact on America life . . .

Ali’s “ain’t no Viet-Cong called me nigger!”, Jesse Owens’s, the Black Power salutes at the 68 Mexico Olympics, Tiger’s kicking in of the Augusta “big house” door. . . these type feats went far beyond sports, contradict this nations deep seeded beliefs – Black people ain’t shit.

America’s national pastimes represent an institution, a role model making industry. Let that factory produce and enshrine the truth.