Straight No Chaser: No. 4’s ‘Return’

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 20, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — America needs yet another Great White Hope . . . and Brett Favre is that hope.

Peyton Manning, but a Boy Scout. It’s not every beer drinking, rifle toting coon huntin’ Redneck who can relate to his squeaky clean choir-boy persona. While Tom Brady, is a pretty city boy, dating actresses and such. Neither of these frat boys wash well with authentic “good ol’ boys.”

Favre — the gun-slinger that’s he’s been characterized as for years — is the peoples, rather White people’s Champion. He’s the NFL’s everyman . . . .

To be totally up-front with you, I like Favre, I’ve no qualms with his return, maybe he’s the next George Blanda and can play the Signal Caller slot well into his mid 40’s. But it’s not about me and who I like . . . it’s about who Brett is, what he symbolizes, the Beauty Queen antics he’s able to get away with.

It’s totally about where he hails from, where he went to college . . .

Mississippi – it all screams real, genuine “Redneck” to millions and millions of Redneck sports fans. His dress, his walk, his talk, his Wrangler Jeans style. The music . . . he doesn’t listen to . . . . Bret’s interest reflect and attract “real” White guys.

This is precisely who No. 4 poster-boys for . . . the good ol’ boys. That’s who embraces him, want’s their nine-year-old to emulate and imitate.

It’s about the blind man-luv pouring out across the land . . . its been nauseating at best. The male cheerleading . . . disgusting.

You would think he was Faster then a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bond, and more powerful than a locomotive. . . . If you’re under 35, a locomotive is a train.

But back to my premise; Mainstream USA (the Republican Party) desperately needs a Larry Bird and a Brett Favre. This culture is based upon the Great White father/hunter/Alpha Male, and it is a myth which must be continuously cultivated. Symbols of pre-eminence, authority, power, supremacy. . . must always be promoted, propped-up . . . propagandalized

Take Elvis, Donny Osmond, Madonna, Brittany Spears . . . man made, fabricated superstars, designed to appeal to the race conscious White masses.

Consider Michael Phelps. After his Olympic feats, corporate America could not wait to pimp and exploit his image to a deprived White America. Mike’s face on you-name-it, and it still ain’t selling much in da” hood or Burro. Let’s be honest, White folks couldn’t wait to embrace this guy because he was one of them – their identical color.

For a group of folks who run around babbling about how they don’t see color, sure as hell saw Mike’s skin tone.

Now, after being busted in bed making mad passionate love to Mary Jane . . . all is forgiven, it’s OK, weed is . . . acceptable. Wow, but when they mention Vick’s name, and the issue of Pot arises . . . it’s as if he’s been busted free-basing some concoction of Pot, Heroin and the cleanser Comet – while in the locker room at halftime, hell, while in the huddle during the Super Bowl.

Recall when heavyweight Champion Larry Holmes fought Jerry Cooney, the great White Heavy weight hope/dope of that era . . . a phone was placed in Cooney’s locker room – so the President could call him upon his victory. There was no phone placed in Holmes room, win or loose, the Prez did not want to talk to him.

Time had Cooney on the cover with Rocky, and the heavyweight champion, Holmes – lost somewhere inside the magazine . . . .

America has always required a Great White Hope going back to at least the time of Jack Johnson. The mere thought a White man does not reign supreme over the land is much more then uncomfortable or unsettling . . . it’s demoralizing to the Pat Buchanan base. It undermines the propaganda we are all suppose to believe and adhere to . . . the White man is a superman.

From the mouth of a Hall of Fame QB ; I asked a few friends here, maybe 10 or 12 people we were out with last night. I said, ‘What do you think about Brett Favre going back to the Vikings?’ You know who cared? Nobody. It’s good news for you guys. It’s good news for television and so forth but the last time I heard … football was a team sport, isn’t it? It’s not just about the quarterback.”

Francis Tarkenton is right, the Favre male soap-opera is great for sports writers and sports talkers – the press, who, just by some happenstance freak-of-nature are almost exclusively White ex-jocks, forced to put down the ball, and pick up the keyboard . . . it ain’t the same. But these cats were forced out by . . . .Black guys – and it shows

Heartbreak Hotel .

These frustrated, fanatical professional followers of the games we play – are tragically desirous of the Black gladiator’s stature . . . envious, jealous, pissed, to the point their writing is vindictive and malicious. One can feel the disdain for the Black athlete, and in particular the Alpha -Male position of QB. The elevation of Brett and the damnation of Vick.

The frustrated Euro-American needs a Great White Hope to root for, to identify with, to dominate and reassure the world of color – they are who they say there are . . . the baddest, smartest most elevated form of human life on Earth.

Yes, that’s what Favre is symbolic of, that’s what’s on his shoulders, and Dan Patrick and the other sports frat boys can’t admit that. They can’t admit no matter what Favre does, they will minimize, rationalize, justify and defend . . . their boy.

Drugs, sex outside his marriage, giving the slashing of the throat gesture, anything he does can be explained away . . . because he’s got damn near every sports writer, from Fargo to Key Largo backing him.

Hell, over the last couple of seasons, McNabb was in need of being told “who’s in-charge.”

If I understand the sports media #5 needed to be sat down . . . put in his place, shown who the boss was, made to calm down . . . Vince Young should be cut, wait . . . made to play tight-end.

Luckily I speak Red-Necklish . . . McNabb and Vince need to be . . . humbled. Same for Jason Campbell, Leftwich, Garrard, Pat White, Josh Freeman . . . all need to be reminded of the NFL’s century long stance – Black men are too dumb to play quarterback.

But now with Favre in Viking camp, Sage Rosenfels is the sad story, he came North to win a starting job . . . the story’s I’ve seen by AOL, ESPN, Yahoo, and on my local FOX sports on the radio . . . there’s no mention of the incumbent Tavaras Jackson. 92.5 Passer rating who was more then likely to

Just like I mentioned earlier ; Larry Holmes having no hotline for the President to call him, but Cooney did . . . It’s not difficult to see and hear where their loyalties sat then, an where they sit now.

Speaking of presidents, George W. was a Great White Hope, undisputedly given the White House because of who is was – American political royalty, where he came from – the upper crust and who he would represent – White male aristocrats.

The Sports arena, like the politic arena, or the business cutting block is not a color blind world, it’s just that White men have such a choke-hold on the means of communication – it is virtually impossible to discuss or focus on any relevant issues but the official talking points which guys like Dan Patrick approve of and promote . . . .

And note, he’s a personal friend of Rush Limbaugh!