Straight No Chaser: Athletes & Health Care

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: August 13, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — As I watch this patch-work cloth nation unravel, I can’t help but wonder – when will we see a professional sportsman at one of these Congressional town brawls, shouting-down one of these mindless, yet furious Tea-Bagger puppets?

Dumb and pissed, I don’t like that combo.

The Gepedtoe Group

Glenn Beck and Rush, Hannity and O’Reilly the middle men, the front-men for the stone-cold heartless health care cartel – together they represent a blind moral-less un-bridled capitalistic monster, which is giving a global demonstration of how easy it is, how quit apt there are at manipulating the strings of the paranoid rank n’ file Republican base.

These bastards are using race, class, gender and geriatrics to stifle concrete, legit health care reform in America.

The pimping and exploiting of sick people is an endless and thank-the-devil . . . an ever-increasing profit stream which must never run dry.

If anybody ought be interested in this hot national health care debate, I’d think it would be professional athletes, particularly NFL players, and specifically Afro-American gladiators.

Those who stand to – 20 years from now – be beaten-up and broken down, and most likely unable to afford quality medical care.

Tragically, come 2025 gridiron greats of today – will be selling electric cars, working in bars, hustling to make it, like most Americans struggle to do – merely make it. Quality health care, at the rate its rising will undoubtedly be on their “I can only wish for” list.

And, citing the obvious pre-existing damage to their superstructures, their cables, pipes and pullys . . . few groups will offer to insure them. And, if they do – most of these mildly-educated cats won’t be able to afford it; not having taken advantage of the blood sweet and tears they were suppose to exchange for a sheepskin 20 years ago.

Nonetheless, even if they are firmly seated in middle class USA, it is the middle class which is bending over backward, taking it in the rear, multiple times, 12 times a year to be exact when payroll deducts that premium/donation to the wealthiest institutions in all the land . . . .

The everyday American is struggling to pay what can only be termed — extortion.

Who has a dog in this fight? (Sorry, in this post Vick era, I should know better) . . . it ought to be athletes. These battered and bruised like a red haired, freckled step-barbarians . . . are going to be in dire need of doctors, chiropractors, masseuses, witch doctors and head shrinks.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Tell me why I don’t see athletes volunteering their recognizable name and sizable fame to the President’s media efforts to define and defend his overhauling of the health industry. I’m sure they’re participation would be a plus, not a negative. Anything to rally the troops.

And I employ the word troops with a purposefully, because like most info-holics, I hear the Anglo Saxon war drums.

Read me, and read me well, every issue which comes down the pike will be a Trojan horse for Archie Bunkers Brigade to hide in, every complex matter represents a chance to get inside, start a fire, open the gates, turn the reforming militias, the police (who see monkeys) and Dick Cheney’s own private army, loose on the rift-raft, the unwashed masses, the true enemy . . . Americans of color.

Players know it cost them to insure themselves and their loved ones.

If today’s player hailed from Mars, and not the Bronx or Compton, I’d understand athletes lack of interest in the health care debate, but since obviously, big momma, Aunt Johnnie Mae, and the rest are always battling with insurance issues – paying an astronomical amount for second world type treatment. Prescriptions which cost more a month then the car note . . . .

Tell me is it ignorance? They just don’t get it? Perhaps apathy, they are so rich . . . they just don’t give a damn? Might it be fear that if they champion a controversial cause like health care reform . . . they will anger the NFL gods? Pharmaceutical hustlers push drugs during NFL games . . . wouldn’t want to bite the hand which . . . .

Who the hell knows what motivates a man to . . . sit on his ass and do nothing?