Roy Wins A Big One

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 18, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — In Biloxi, Mississippi, Jeff Lacy and Roy Jones were fighting that one fight that would determine which fighter still had a career and which one would see their career as a main event fighter over.

Jones boxed and showed the old brilliance as he nailed Lacy with a quick combination. It was as if Lacy was a mere prop to an resurgent Jones. He maneuvered around Lacy.

By the end of the 10th round, Lacy’s face was swollen and no longer able to see the blurs coming his way. The fight was stopped.

On the same card, Australian Danny Green was fighting the raw Julio Cesar Dominquez. Green dropped Dominquez with a counter right and continued this assault into the third round.

Dominquez threw wild punches that hit more air than any solid mass and in the fifth round, Green hard punches punished Dominquez and Dominquez’s corner stopped the fight.

B.J. Flores, a leading American Cruiserweight contender, gave a boxing exhibition against Epifanio Mendoza. He must have felt he was fighting a ghost as he rarely connected against Flores.

But Flores’ superior hand and foot speed proved too much for Mendoza. At the 1:19 mark, Flore ended the fight with a TKO stoppage and continued his quest for a portion of the Cruiserweight.

Jason Litzau annihilated Verquan Kimbrough. Litzau has always been one of those fighters who understand that he is the entertainment business as he always looked for the knock out and willing to take chances.

Kimbrough started the fight tentatively and Litzau swarming all over his opponent as he nailed Kimbrough with shots to the body and then to the head. At times, Litzau was wild but Kimbrough couldn’t take advantage.

Kimbrough’s corner stopped the fight in the third round as Litzau couldn’t miss.

Roy Jones, Jr. set up another pay day against Danny Green as both fighters plan to fight in the future. B.J. Flores is still on path for a title shot and Litzau still has a career. For Jeff Lacy, this may be the end.

In 2004, he faced Joe Calzaghe and he was even favored by many pundits over the Welsh champion but Calzaghe gave Lacy a boxing lesson and Lacy never recovered. Now the career as a contender is over.

For Lacy, the curtain is descending upon his career.