Dueling in the Sun

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 1, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Devon Alexander was going for his first title bout against the veteran and world ranked Junior Witter; a challenge that will define his career. In the opening round, Witter threw a wild haymaker; only to fall down on his own.

For the most part, the round was not conclusive as neither fighter seemed to have an advantage. In the second round, the round repeated the pattern of the first round until the last 10 seconds when Alexander threw a right hook that stun Witter.

The beginning of the third round saw Alexander connect with another right hand hook and Alexander hunted Witter as his more accurate punches scored with efficacy against the more unorthodox Witter.

In the fifth round, Alexander nailed Witter a perfect left as he turned over the punch with a half of the round left. The rest of the round, Witter moved away from Alexander as he tried to clear his head.

The sixth round saw Witter danced away from Alexander but Witter did not show efficacy and at the end of the round, Witter nailed Alexander with a left jab but it was Alexander who closed the round with a right hand hook, sending Witter reeling.

Witter started to jab effectively in the seventh round and this was the closet round since the opening bell as Witter looked comfortable for the first time in the fight. The opening of the eighth round, Alexander nailed Witter with yet another right hook and Witter got yet another warning for holding as the referee threaten to take a point away.

The last punch of the round was an effective jab but not one that appeared to hurt Witter. Then came the real surprise as Witter simply quit and said “no mas.” Why Witter quit, who knows why.

Alexander took a big step as he won his first title and it came against a quality fighter like Witter. He’s one of those fighters who is hard to look good against but this was the second title fight that Witter lost as he lost previously to Tim Bradley.

Alexander fought a consistent fight plan and stuck to it.

The 22-year-old fighter fought with the experience of a fighter a decade older.

Alexander won his portion of the junior welterweight and the fight that came after dealt with the WBO version of the title. The first round saw Bradley moving angles to angles as he out hustled Campbell while nailing Campbell with body shots.

For Bradley, he decided to move in and out while forcing the 37-year-old Campbell to work. Bradley did not want just to stay inside, giving Campbell opportunity to rest inside and possibly hurt Bradley with his right hand upper cut.

In the third round, Campbell felt he was head butted but the referee didn’t buy it and for nearly 30 seconds, Bradley trapped Campbell on the rope. Bradley allowed Campbell off the rope and triple jabbed the older Campbell in the middle of the round before he nailed him with left hook that stunned Campbell and finished the round with another burst; nearly stopping the fight.

At the end of the third round, Campbell stated to his corner that he couldn’t see as a result of a cut. Campbell, thinking that he was head butted, figured that it would be a no-contest but the referee stated it was a right hand upper cut after a head butt that caused the cut.

Showtime’s Al Bernstein agreed with Campbell that it was head butt causing the cut but Bradley hand speed was winning the fight. Bradley won the championship but it was not without controversy.

This was a night of young fighters as both Bradley and Alexander won portion of the junior Welterweight division. Both fighters are slick boxers with the ability to fight inside and out; neither are one punch knock out artists.

The junior Welterweight true champ is Manny Pacquiao but the Pac Man is only interested in big fights with a minimum of 7 zeros following a number. Neither Bradley or Alexander have the big name at this point in their career to make it worth Pacquiao so the PacMan reign as junior welterweight king will not last long; only because he is only interested in fighting big names.

The junior Welterweight division does have some good fights left.

A Bradley-Campbell rematch would be one or even Holt-Bradley rematch might be in order. Or Holt vs Alexander is another intriguing match ups. Or dare we say it, how about a Ricky Hatton comeback against one of these young champs?