Dirrel and Angulo make their mark

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 8, 2009

Boxing IOWA CITY (BASN) — Anthony Dirrell has already fought a bigger foe and survived a tougher challenge than he will ever face in the ring: cancer. Diagnosed in 2006, Dirrell took off time to fought this disease and now he is back in the ring; joining his brother Andre for a quest for the title.

With his brother Andre at ringside watching, Anthony step into the ring against Alfredo Contreras and began the first round quickly as he unleashed combinations against his outmatched opponents.

As the round progressed, Dirrell sat down on his punches, attempting to go for a knockout in the first round. Contreras did not have the hand speed to match his opponent and it was obvious from the outset that Contreras was outclassed.

Despite being outclassed, Contreras was determined to make a fight of it as he continued to move forward. The second round was another easy round for Dirrell as he punched from angles to confuse and befuddled the oncoming Contreras.

Dirrell ended the round with some showboating.

The third round featured an onrushing Contreras being nailed with ease as he moved into Dirrell quick counters. When Contreras moved inside, he failed to work effectively and this pattern continued into the fourth round.

In the fifth round, Dirrell added effective body shots that slowed Contreras down even further and over the last minute, body shots led to effective head shots as Dirrell staggered Contreras repeatedly.

In the seventh round, Contreras finally got a shot to nail his opponent after 18 minutes of being pounded. Trapping Dirrell in the corner, he unleashed two solid rights that nailed Dirrell for Contreras most effective offense.

This was but a mirage as Dirrell countered off the rope to unleash a barrage of punches. Each punch sent Contreras head back as Dirrell could not miss. For nearly a minute, Dirrell threw power shots after power shots and Contreras could not get out of the way of the incoming punches nor could he block them. As the beating continued, Contreras corner threw in the towel to save their fighter.

Dirrell won his 18th straight fight with his 15th knockout. Anthony Dirrell is a talented fighter with extensive amateur background but sometimes he depends too much on his talent as he occasionally makes amateur mistakes just as jumping to reach his opponent as oppose to being patience and working behind his effective jab. So far, Dirrell quickness has allowed him to get away with such weakness against lesser caliber opponents.

Gabriel Rosado had to fight perfectly to beat Alfredo Angulo, a puncher with power in each hand. For Rosado, there could not be any mistakes nor could he allow Angulo any opportunity to unleash his power.

Also for Rosado, movement was the key to victory.

Angulo was coming off his first lost to Kermit Cintron and hoping to use the slippery Rosado as his first step toward a new journey to the top. In the first round, Rosado moved out of Angulo’s range as Angulo pressed the action.

Rosado nailed Angulo with some rights but Angulo continued to move forward, finally reaching Rosado body near the end of the round. Angulo’s goal was to take the air out of the tire, as ESPN’s Ted Atlas would observe in the broadcast.

In the opening of second round, Gabriel Rosado gave Angulo angles appeared to bother his Mexican opponent but halfway through the fight, Angulo nailed Rosado with right hand that send Rosado down for a quick count. Rosado claimed this wasn’t knockout but a push.

Angulo showed this was no fluke with another right thirty seconds and this time; Rosado staggered up to beat the count. From this point Angulo attacked with ferocity with the goal of allowing no escape for his opponent.

A left hook followed by a right sent Rosado down for good as the referee stopped the fight. For Angulo, this was the needed antidote to a tough lost as he cut off the ring and in quick order, ended the fight.

Angulo showed the boxing world that he was back on track.