A New Form Of ‘Camptown Races’

By Lloyd Vance, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 11, 2009

NFL Draft 2009 PHILADELPHIA (BASN) — After a rather slow first couple of weeks where many first round draft selections from the 2009 NFL Draft were not in camp , this week has been a different story.

As of Monday night, only five of the 32 first round picks were unsigned.

One of the latest players was Philadelphia Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin who agreed to a 5-year deal for $15.5 million ($9.5 M guaranteed). His signing is good news to Eagles fans as everyone knows the explosive receiver is making a big adjustment going from a spread-option offense to a professional West Coast system.

Surprisingly, there are only a couple of later round picks — from the 256 players selected in the 2009 NFL Draft — that remain unsigned. Hopefully none of the rookies will throw away their first season by holding out like Raiders QB JaMarcus Russell in 2007.

But my guess is that Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson (3rd overall) and Bengals OT Andre Smith (6th overall) will be the last first rounders in the door.


1. Detroit – QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia – Signed (6-years, $72 million; $41.7 million guaranteed)

2. St. Louis – OT Jason Smith, Baylor – Signed (5-years, $62M max; $33M guaranteed)

3. Kansas City – DE Tyson Jackson, LSU (Unsigned)

4. Seattle – LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest – Signed ( 6 years, $60M, $34M guaranteed )

5. NY Jets – QB Mark Sanchez, USC – Signed (5-years; $50.5M real/$60M max; $28M guaranteed)

6. Cincinnati – OT Andre Smith, Alabama (Unsigned)

7. Oakland – WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland – Signed (5-years, $38.25M real/$54M max; $23.5M guaranteed)

8. Jacksonville – OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia (Unsigned)

9. Green Bay – DT B.J. Raji, Boston College (Unsigned)

10. San Francisco WR Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech (Unsigned)

11. Buffalo – DE Aaron Maybin, Penn State (Unsigned)

12. Denver – RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia, Signed ( 5 years, $23 million, $13.125M guaranteed )

13. Washington – DE Brian Orakpo, Texas – Signed (5-years, $20M; $12.1M guaranteed)

14. New Orleans – CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State – Signed ( 5 years, $19M )

15. Houston – LB Brian Cushing, USC – Signed (5 years, terms undisclosed)

16. San Diego – LB Larry English, Northern Illinois – Signed (5-years, $13.4M; $9.9M guaranteed)

17. Tampa Bay – QB Josh Freeman, Kansas State – Signed (5-years, $36M; $10.245M guaranteed)

18. Denver – DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee – Agreed to terms (5-years, terms undisclosed; $9.7M guaranteed)

19. Philadelphia – WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri – Agreed to terms (5-years, $15.5M; $9.5M guaranteed)

20. Detroit – TE Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State – Signed (5-years, $14.6M max; $9.4M guaranteed)

21. Cleveland – OC Alex Mack, California – Signed (5-years, $11.3M; $8.9M guaranteed)

22. Minnesota – WR Percy Harvin, Florida – Signed (5-years, $14.28M max; $8.5M guaranteed)

23. Baltimore – OT Michael Oher, Mississippi – Signed (5-years, $13.795M max; $7.8M guaranteed)

24. Atlanta – DT, Peria Jerry, Mississippi – Signed (5-years, $13.25M max; $7.55M guaranteed)

25. Miami – CB Vontae Davis, Illinois – Agreed to terms (5-years, terms undisclosed)

26. Green Bay – LB Clay Matthews, USC – Signed (5-years, $13.25M max)

27. Indianapolis – RB Donald Brown, UCONN – Signed (5-years, terms undisclosed)

28. Buffalo – OC Eric Wood, Louisville – Signed (5-years, $13M max.)

29. NY Giants – WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina – Signed (5-years, $12.5M; $6.5M guaranteed) 30. Tennessee – WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers – Signed (5-years, $12.25M; $6.5M guaranteed)

31. Arizona – RB Chris Wells, Ohio State – Agreed to terms (5-years, $11.8M max.; $6.345M guaranteed)

32. Pittsburgh – DE Ziggy Hood, Missouri – Signed (5-years, $11.3M max.; $6.1M guaranteed).