The Ultimate ‘Mouse’ Trap (Part One)

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 23, 2009

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — It is very sad to see the changes in television sports network programming and the way they currently report the news; with a specific reference to ESPN.

Provocative stories sell, sex catches your attention; a racially-tinged story sells; football player Adam “Pacman” Jones making it rain at a strip club is a story. Oh — for those who don’t know what “making it rain” means, throwing money at scantily clad women.

Michael Vick being arrested for organizing dog fighting on his property. Michael received his first day of freedom this past Monday, and lastly, the murder-suicide of Steve McNair by his white 20-year-old girlfriend.

The recent reports of McNair’s blood alcohol count last week, which had nothing to do with his death, only sought to further defame McNair.

All of these men are African Americans and they were the lead stories on this network. What scares me about this kind of reporting is that other local news networks are beginning to follow suit.

There is a constant drum beat coming from the studios of Bristol, Connecticut against African American athletes. For those who don’t know what The Mouse means, it’s ESPN, which is owned by the Walt Disney Corperation thus The Mouse.

Do your homework for the next two weeks. Listen to the words of eachbroadcast on The Mouse, then make your own decision. The drum beat is loud and clear.

The Mouse is fulfilling its agenda on America airwaves constantly attacking prominent African American athletes. This covert action by this network is not fair, or right.

Why because Americans get most of their sports news from this network. It is not fair because there is not an objective equivalent television sports networkto rival or refute The Mouse when they are incorrect.

ESPN has a monopoly in the Television sports industry even to the extent thattheir own ABC local stations only give the scores of their local teams. Now that is complete power and complete control.

Undoubtedly there is a need for a web site similar to Black Athlete Sports Network. Writers would be unable to write an article like this and most news papers or magazines would not print it.

In the past, race and sports were not an issue. Sports fans could enjoy watching their games without thinking about anything political, it was fun. Well my fellow Americans, The Mouse has drasticly changed that.

Now it’s about steroids, contracts, conduct, and the way you look or what the Black athlete did after the game. Too much information, just too much information.

Just report on the score of the game and the strategies of the game, please.

The most recent example is Brett Favre, former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets. The 40-year-old Favre should have retired two years ago.

This year, he’s trying to tender another contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

This was a non story until The Mouse created this story this spring and they praise him every week. When the Mouse airs a story on a white athlete it’s seldom reports a negative comment.

Can you imagine what The Mouse would be saying if Brett Favre were African American? A Black Favre would be a self-centered egotistical player, A Black Favre would not be a team player, and a Black Favre would be aloof in thelocker-room.

Actually Favre could be called all of these things but you will never hear this from mouth of The Mouse of Bristol, Connecticut…

The current Favre story just makes many football fans frustrated. Come on now lets be honest; would a professional football team want a 40-year-old quarterback black or white with a recurring shoulder injury, playing on artificial turf?

As John McEnroe would scream, “You cannot be serious”.

Yet Favre is the little darling of The Mouse. Most knowable football fans know that Tarvaris Jackson, who is Black, should be the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings this year, not Favre.

Jackson can run faster, throw farther and is much stronger than Brett. Also, Jackson carried the team to the playoffs last year while Brett Favre and the Jets stumbled into an early winter vacation.

NFL statistics state that Favre is only nine games away from surpassing Jim Marshall, an African American defensive lineman who also played for the Vikings, for the most consecutive games played.

Interestingly there are probably bonuses in his contract if Favre breaks the record. This network has not been honest.

The Mouse gave a pass to Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps who was caught smoking a bong this past winter. The Mouse gave a pass to Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi who was drinking and driving this past week.

In addition, it gave star quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots a pass twice. Once having a baby out of wedlock a few years ago and the other the shooting incident last summer at a wedding party in the Islands.

Now think about this – if any one of the three incidents mentioned above had been committed by an African American athlete what would The Mouse had broadcasted it?

The drum beat would be loud and clear.

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