The Ultimate ‘Mouse’ Trap (Conclusion)

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 26, 2009

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — It is incomprehensible how self hatred is imposed on Blacks by Blacks. The Mouse continues to exploit this attitude with their Black reporters.

The drum beat continued weeks ago with the airing of the Disco Demolition Night at Old Comiskey Park, Chicago. When will this nonsense end? How can The Mouse continue to insult the intelligence of African-Americans, as well as other American sports fans?

My question to the Mouse and the American Public is — Why did the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Police Department not press charges against station WLUP, the disc-jockey, or the participants for the destruction of property?

What if African Americans had an anti-soft rock or hard rock night at any ball park that promoted the destruction of records by Aerosmith, Abba, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, etc?

There would have been tear gas in the Chicago air. Baton swinging men in blue would have been hitting any black human that moved. Chicago jails would have filled with Black people. White Middle America would have been furious.

There is an obvious double standard in this country and there always will be because we don’t respect each other. Americans dishonor each individuals’ talent or special skills.

The Mouse uses this wedge to their advantage as they advance their hidden racial agenda, all to gain ratings as they play to old racial stereotypes.

On Sunday July 19, the Mouse maybe called a temporary truce by airing a feel good story about Hall of Famer Jim Rice, of the Boston Red Sox. Rice is an African American. Back in 1982, Rice saved a nine-year-old’s life after being stroke by a line drive foul ball.

Rice jumped into the stands grabbed the boy and took him to the Red Sox’s training room where the team doctor examined him and treated him the best he could with a fractured skull.

The little Red Sox fan was then transported to the local hospital for a speedy recovery. The immediate action by Rice saved the little Red Sox fan’s life.

These are the kinds of stories the Mouse should be broadcasting. Don’t hold your breath this was a once in a lifetime moment. It is so easier to trash somebody or trash a culture.

America loves a train wreck no-matter how bad it looks. No doubt the continuous Drum Beat will return Monday morning. Broadcasting the ESPY’s last week Black host Samuel Jackson does not give you a pass because within 24 hours it will be business as usual.

Just as expected, The Mouse’s slow drum roll started again last Tuesday afternoon. This Network spent a half hour on the aspects of dog fighting and the life after jail with Michael Vick.

However, The Mouse did not spend a second on the latest breaking story of the day — the alleged rape charge of Pittsburgh Steeler starting quarterback Ben Roethlisburger in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

The next day on “The Batchelor Pad”, BASN football reporter Lloyd Vance stated that ESPN sent an in-house e-mail to all their sports news agencies to crush this story.”

Can we get Ms. Janet Jackson sing “CONTROL”?

Thursday morning, three days later the smoke had cleared, The Mouse decided to mention it. This was after the report that Lake Tahoe Police would not be pressing charges.

Again, if “Big Ben” were African American it would have been the lead story all week long instead they (The Mouse) crushed the story not knowing the outcome.

Like my parents stated many years ago you can’t change a dog’s spots (pun intended) and The Mouse will always play this nasty game with African-American athletes.

ESPN, Please stop the hidden racial hype!!! You maybe gaining ratings but you are distorting and destroying young African American lives with these antics.