Straight No Chaser: Well, Shut My Mouth!!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 30, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Well, hush my mouth . . .

They must be serving snow-cones in Hell . . . . the El Dorado Kid, Terrell Owens, has pulled up to the curve . . .

just as the official spokesperson for the NFL Plantation Owner’s Cartel, Roger Goodell concluded reading Mike Vick’s dark mind and black heart.

I can’t say exactly where, nor when Goodell decided to listen to the little white man in his head . . . But as you all know by now, Vick has had his mind read, been dissected and deciphered . . . determined savable, but still in need of an additional 50 lashes . . . .

I can’t help sit here and ponder what sparked a fire under the Commissioner’s ass?

“I think he’s done the time for what he’s done. I don’t think it’s really fair for him to be suspended four more games,” Owens said, referring to reports that the league is considering further punishment for Vick.

It’s almost like kicking a dead horse in the ground. … The guy’s already suffered so much. And to add a four-game suspension on a two-year prison sentence, that’s ridiculous.”

You can bet Goodell was informed of the Uppity Negro’s words before the “s” in ridiculous left TO’s lips.

Apparently, I’m wrong. Terrell Owens does have a brain after all.

Terrell has, most likely forever torn his ass with Roger Goodell, like Burt Reynolds in the Ol’ School Longest Yard, winning that game solidified Burt behind bars for eternity, and TO’s brash, “how dare you comment on things you know nothing of boy” backing of No. 7 . . . will forever leave The Entertainer in the doghouse.

If you thought White fans hated him yesterday, just dig what’s about to play out because TO spoke out.

Perhaps I’m giving the man who loves himself more love then his mother does – too many kudos, but this stand which TO made, this tactical maneuver is admirable and brilliant . . . it brings a goddamn tear to my eye, man.

This mat be the beginning of a enlightenment, a pulling-out of the player’s heads from up their own asses.

TO’s Twittering of his horn . . . Fitzgerald’s instant backing of TO . . . brought a burning sensation to both Goodell’s heart and his ass, because this might signal the awaking of a slumbering giant, the Black Athlete. And it might still.

This pick a number, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, whatever Goodell thinks is fair . . . What about input from the individuals who make the game what it is – the players.

You can find 32 rich aristocrats anywhere who want to own an NFL team, there’s only one Adrian Peterson or Randy Moss.

This 6 week wait for Goodell to descend down from the mountain top . . . is more than just a bit over-the-top. He’s attempting to “keep face” while still slapping Vick’s.

It’s a bit too much of “I’ve got your whole world, in my hands” type of gesture. Still inclusive of that “overseer” feel and flavor. And what it says to me – Goodell see’s what I see, a divided fan base, a divided nation, split wide open and bleeding along the lines of race.

All this is feeding into a much watched, high ratings gathering male soap oprah the NFL is willingly exploiting. Which mean’s the league is pimping Vick, pimping his ordeal for all they can. The commish will decide, say when a Monday Night game’s ratings are low, and a little push is needed?

Call it a 6 week compromise, call it pandering to the Redneck fan base . . . .

Goodell might get it – Vick is America’s wick of the month, attached to a time bomb called US race relations. MLK’s murder, police brutality, Reverend Wright’s words, Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, Rodney King’s beating. OJ’s trail, Professor Gates situation, the Obama family’s safety and today, the lynching of Vick – any of those random events, if handled recklessly, carelessly, the bomb, called America, could explode in Birmingham, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, Philly, Miami, Chi-Town, will ignite with righteous outrage . . .

And then spread across the country, a nation of armed to the tooth angry White men who’re locked n’ cocked, waiting for this moment since 1865.

But today it was Vick. Now, with God, Buddha , Allah, the Sun God willing . . . next month it might be the issue of Blacks as head coaches, why there are so few Black cheerleaders in the NFL?

The dual standards a Black Signal Caller is held to – the hypocrisy which Donny McNabb pointed-out a couple of seasons back . . . and dig this – paid the price, which implies he was taken to task by enraged White sportsfans who felt No. 5 was ungrateful for the opportunity they let him have . . .

For telling the truth/playing the race card. Mentioning the obvious – White America still has issues with people of color.

But for the moment, I believe Commish Goodell is playing chess with Vick: Goodell’s supposedly taken the high road, listened to guys like Tony Dungy and Mike Singletary- reinstated a man who’s been branded and beaten beyond fair cause, now Roger is the bigger man, now the next move belongs to a NFL owner, and then . . . back to Goodell.

Here’s what Goodell saw coming;

George Wilson.

The Bill’s NFLPA rep. Concured with TO: “How do you bring a man out of suspension and then suspend him again? I mean, he’s paid his debt,” Wilson said. “I think you just continue to hold him down by bringing him back and then suspend him.

Larry Fitzgerald Twittered : “im in support of mike vick too man. I wanna c him back in action being the human highlight film he is.Im with ya bro.”

Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe : “Never heard him complain or wine… I respect him. Let the man play.”

Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett : “he did time and lost his shoe deal, and paid fines. Dear Commissioner please reinstate mike vick. PLEASE.”

Rams RB Steven Jackson : “Don’t agree with 4 games, 23 months is enough.” … “He will not be able 2 vote anymore.

He has lost enough, allow the man 2 move on with his life. We dnt have a heaven or a hell 2 put him n.”

My thought is; Goodell realized – with TO weighing in, asking other high profile players to do likewise, threatening to make this sad story precisely what it is – but another controversy in-which White folks seem to line up on one side . . . and everybody else on the other.

Rodge wanted to dodge this racial wrecking ball which was swinging ominously about, so he folded up the “Stern Great White Father” tent, tossed out this “he can play in the preseason, I’ll decide by week 6.” Just, just enough time for Vick’s supersonic Jet’s to be warmed.

Nevertheless, it’s the principal, the piling on. Goodell still looks like “he told that all those uppity niggers who supported this thug – what was up, and what was down.”

Wa-lah . . . the rank n’ file rednecks can continue to pretend they’re running the show.

The NFLPA led by DeMaurice Smith, should challenge the addition lashes . . . Who is Goodell trying to appease? Who most want’s to see Vick’s foot cut off? Who appears that angry at Vick? The fans, the animal lovers, the NFL owners, the sports media?

Vick quickly came to represent one of those touchy issues where . . . only White people have the moral authority to sit in judgement, where only White people can remove race from the ethical equation.

Nobody else, the rest of us are clouded by our “childlike emotions” while the “Vulcan” like Whiteman can always overlook racial and gender based injustices on their behalf, and never be full of the blind vengeance their victims are said to have.

Aint that a bitch?

Oh yeah, Mike Vick belongs in San Francisco, leading Colonel Singletary’s troops. Hill who? Mr.

Smith? Please! The 49er’s need a play-maker, a game-breaker. . .

a real Quarterback.