Straight No Chaser: Serena and Uncle Toms

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 28, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Let’s put a new face, or rather faces on the term Uncle Tom;

On my short list . . . . Clarence Thomas – official GOP House Negro, Alan Keyes – aspiring GOP House Negro, Ward Connally – the only Black man in America who feels so sorry, is so sympathetic to the terrible plight of the endangered, persecuted White man by single-handily trying to repeal all Affirmative Action laws, Jason Whitlock, sell-out sports columnist who prides himself on saying what rednecks are rightfully afraid to . . . .

And this new buffoon all over the news – Rev. James Manning, who via his Harlem store front Church and the internet – assisting Keys and the Klan in their efforts to unseat the president – based on the contention Obama was born in Kenya as opposed to Hawaii – he’s not an American citizen, thus ineligible to hold the office of President.

I’ve come to a conclusion – Black people can be their worst enemy.

Next, . . . last I looked, the Black woman remains one of the most insulted, belittled and slighted characters in the story of America – Josephine Baker and Angela Davis left for good reason . . . .

Individuals who’re still referred to as “nappy headed hoes” by both Black and White alike.

So, to attack a young, gifted, prominent, beautiful Black Alpha Female athlete/ icon, without real reason – is a brainless, ball-less and Benedict Arnold type act. Now if the insults are being leveled by a Black man, in an obvious effort to curry favor, to amuse and entertain . . . . Rednecks, then that man ought have his “Black man card” revoked.

Nevertheless that’s exactly what Jason Whitlock did; the Kansas City Star columnist attacked a Black women, Serena Williams – her inherent racial/physical characteristics.

This hippo hypocritically lusted after, yet ridiculed her voluptuousness., her curvaceous. He questioned her heart, maturity and dedication “With a reduction in glut, a little less butt and a smidgen more guts, Serena Williams would easily be as big as Michael Jackson, dwarf Tiger Woods and take a run at Rosa Parks.”

I can only assume Whitlock has lost his wits, oblivious to the heavy lifting Serena, along with her sister, have done; they’ve colorized the once exclusively white country club world of Women’s Pro tennis.

They’ve redefined the modern day sport, raised the bar, created a path and set an example of how dominate a sport. Sorry they have diverse interests which go beyond the red clay court.

Take a run at Rosa Parks

Really professor Whitlock?

Serena’s societal contributions are of the same magnitude of Ms Parks?

Jason needs to pull his head out of his 48 inch waisted ass . . . whose history you been studying Mr Whitlock.

Ms Williams, as a Black women, has had everything – from her hair, lips, hips, face, feet, legs, eyes, ears, and rear ridiculed, diminished by White sportswriters and fans . . . Who’ve a different standard of beauty – the closer you are to Caucasian /European nordicViking bean pole Queen – then the closer you are to true beauty. You’re fit, trim and attractive if you look like . . . Anna Kournikova.

Despite Jason’s lust for Serena, it is Anna who is his example of pure beauty. This brother needs a couch and Dr Alvin Poussiant.

So here you have, an obese Black man condemning a phenomenal athlete, in order to appease and please his White owners and pacify and placate White readers who patronize his column. So Whitlock echo’s all the insecure White guy company lines. He does their sneerin’, jeerin’ and leerin’.

She’s chosen to smother some of it in an unsightly layer of thick, muscled blubber, a byproduct of her unwillingness to commit to a training regimen and diet that would have her at the top of her game year-round.

Let that simmer on the ol’ stove.

President Obama, under attack from all fronts, political sniper fire is a daily reality, as is the fear of real sniper attacks . . .

aimed at the wife and kids even.

Nonetheless, in spite of the hostile fire, Alan Keyes, Uncle Clarence Thomas and this Preacher/Pimp up in Harlem who’s all over the news – these three Step’en fetch’its – are more then willing to do the dirty work of the new dressed-up Klan . . .


These minstrels are, no not merely joining the Obama Haters, The Tea-Baggers, the folks at the McCain/Palin rallies last fall who were screaming “kill him” in response to the ass whuppin Obama was laying down . . . .

These sell-outs are leading the attack against their own, guilty of aiding and abetting Dick and Lyn Cheney, the ousted VP and his wife who besides being against a MLK national holiday and for Apartheid in South Africa both question, on TV, Obama’s birthplace, and thus his honesty and character.

How do some folks sleep at night . . . ?

I wonder how USA today’s Jarrett Bell can supposedly dissect the Vick affair in an analytical manner . . . The Cover story, and the sorry ass mo-fo not mention race. As if this tarring n’ feathering of a Black QB was void of racism.

Jarrett knows that’s not accurate; just being a Black QB -Vick’s had everything from racial epithets hurled at him to death threats phoned in. His intelligence and integrity questioned long before the Dog Fighting tragedy came on the scene.

Jarrett, does skin tone have anything to do with why there have been so very few Black signal callers in the NFL? Hopefully fool you’ll say yes, . . And then I’d have to ask – when did those feelings of hate go away?

If this President is receiving unprecedented “die nigger die” love letters, do you think some of those angry White guys also feel the White House was just the next in a long line of loses. Elvis was a cat who’d masted imitating the Black artist he listened to in Tupelo Mississippi.

When did White America stop the hate and begin this love affair with Black America?

Better yet; how is it Black folks can be compelled to do the dirty work of racist? This betrayal, for a buck amazes me. And to see it in the world of politics, sports . . . . and entertainment. Who killed the King of Pop? Man-slaughtering Dr. Murry?

Crabs in a barrel

- One crawls up, and out – the rest try to grab him and pull them back down . . .

Whitlock and Bell, just like Thomas, Keys, Manning and Connally understand this nation has not gotten beyond the isms’ of race, sex and class, yet they are willing to assist those who don’t ever want to see a Black President, a Black NFL Head Coach or a Black Quarterback, willing to help turn the hands of progress back – if they get paid in the pitiful process.

Honestly, how does a Black man, in the middle of a racial cold war .

. . take the side of the guys throwing rocks at his mother, sister, daughter . . . president?