Straight No Chaser: Desi’s Disco

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 26, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — Welcome to Desi’s Disco . . . where we’re poppin’ like Crisco.

Brown folks are being made to produce their birth certificates at traffic stops all over the nation. The New Black Panther Party and the Klan – squaring off in Paris, Texas – over the murder of a young Black man dragged to death behind a pickup truck with two white dudes in it.

And this nation’s first Afro-American President – who has to produce his birth certificate to satisfy the racist whims of a lynch-mob . . .

A Black professor’s Harvard ID and license can’t convince a alleged “Good” White cop it’s the Doctor’s home, thus almost bringing the nation to blows: White police, i.e., the caucasian Cosa Nostra become inflamed because the illegitimate Black bastard in the White House shows empathy and understanding for a fellow Harvard uppity nigger, Dr. Henry Gates.

The President points out the police were behaving stupidly – and acknowledges what no prior President would, not even in the face of Rodney King’s beating – racial profiling, police brutality is alive and well in America.

Believe it or not. Let’s look to the wide world of sports to better understand the hottest political stories in the county. America’s reoccurring pain-in-the-ass — uppity Niggers.

For example, The Ryan Moats incident . . .

Recall when the Houston Texan running back was — let’s say — accosted by one of Dallas’s Constables on Patrol (cops) last March – the White police officer, Robert Powell detained Moats and his family in the parking lot of Plano Hospital for slowly rolling thru a late night Red Light of an intersection with, (flashers on and honking) as his mother-in-law lie inside, taking her dying breaths.

This insensitive Texas version of Barney Fifth pointed his pistol at Moat’s wife as she left the vehicle to go inside where her mother was to die minutes later – Staff and security from the hospital had confirmed for the Powell Moat’s mother-in-law was indeed inside and this was the family. He still played big man, with a little penis . . . badge, and a gun.

As the officer talked down to moats, he uttered his mind, his true mind. The mind of millions of White men and women. A mind-set which allowed 37 year old white men to expect, and, if not get it, demand, say a 67-year old Black women to get up, to get up and give this full grown, able-bodied man her seat on the bus.

“I can screw you over,” Powell said. “I’d rather not do that. Your attitude will dictate everything that happens.”

“Your attitude will dictate everything that happens to you . . .” so . . . if you take this verbal tongue lashing with your head down, not looking me in the eye, because you know how much that intimidates, er’ excuse me, irritates me . . . (see Emmet Till), if you kowtow, kneel, bow and bootlick . . . i.e. kiss my ass.

If your understand your place . . . and mine. If you quietly go along with the charade.

The point I derive from this, and the point I want you to feel . . . Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, Arab and Mixed people . . . want to be treated like people. Not like Niggers, Spics, Chinks, Red Niggers, and Sand Niggers . . . the terms of endearment White folks pretend they no longer refer to us as . . . unless they slip.

Ain’t that a bitch. .


And don’t let me leave out White folk’s own attitude – because usually, it’s as much what is said, as it is the way in which White folks talk down to people-of -color, knowingly or unknowingly – it’s insulting.

The arrogance is clear and it can manifest itself in diverse forms; indifference, detectable hostility to even almost uncontrollable rage . . . all the way to the suburban fear – all the White women . . . will be eaten alive . . . . But consistently patronizing, condescending and disrespectful. The contempt, the disdain, the scorn, it seems to be an inherent characteristic.

Every Black and Latino person in this country know exactly what I’m talking about . . . while oddly, or not so oddly – you white guys sit there like a deer in the headlights, like the kid with his hand in the cookie jar . . . or down his pants. . . dumbfounded.

Spare me, turn of the water-works baby . . . they don’t move me, the American-of-color, I, we don’t accept the White male is a victim in any aspect of life. . . . He’s been rigging the game since the 1600s’.

Well except maybe in athletic endeavors, because that myth of White male superiority has been espoused as a myth, thus the endless Great White Hope quest, as well as his claims to he is the smartest guy in the room.

Americans-of-color — remember where you heard it first.

And let’s not forget the one myth which is true . . . once Barbie goes Black . . . seldom does she have a yearning to go back, and it’s not because Tom Brady doesn’t want them . . . it’s because he fears he can’t compete with what society believes is the Alpha Male, the Black man.

Get this – I’ve no problem getting down in the mud,, I can take the Pat Buchanan insults, and I can dish them out all day, and night. I can throw-down by appointment . . . .

The Gates issue illustrates, in vivid glorious highly defined Tech-ni-color, how still very black and white America is.

Black folks; even in a capitalist, greed-driven empire like this one, where the attainment of wealth, position and title is put upon a pedestal . . . need to understand the rules are mostly irrelevant.

That status is trumped by skin color – a noted Harvard professor treated like a Home Depot employee . . . A president being hounded about his birth certificate . . . it defies the natural order of this country.

It appears to be a deliberate attempt to humble uppity Niggers. Demonstrating to Black folk, no matter your accomplishments . . . you’re just a Nigger . . . no more.

The headlines I cited at the start of this mental jog, are about people of color, and Blacks in particular – knowing our place. Understanding despite what your position within the social and economical stratification of this nation . . . you’re still a boy, and “I’m still a white person.”

“I may be a Blue collar white lady, I may be a white nurse, teacher, bank teller, I may be White Trash, afraid and reluctant to approach a White man in a suit and tie, yet no matter what I am, I have the moral and ethical authority to say to any Black person “Hey boy, what are you doing around here . . . bring me your papers . . . .?”

Ahhh . . . . The Good Ol’ Days, when everyone understood the social order. No Mexicans No Dogs. Recall those signs throughout the Southwest USA? Colored . . . White Only . . . throughout America.