Straight No Chaser: 85 Reasons To Care

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: July 16, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — In a nutshell, in a nut’s head . . . .

“Okay, first Mrs. Fawcett now Mr. Jackson, please tell me this is a mistaken rumor, if not this is just as sad as 9/11.”

– June 25

Credit that Twitter mind-fart to Ocho Cinco.

You’ve got to be flippin’ kidding me? There’s no way this cat said this. Well actually, he did more then say it – he typed it. Twittered it out to the world. Now granted, he did later recant; The 9/11 was a bit over the top, i am just in an emotional state right now, bare with me while i regroup people, be back in 10 minutes . . . .

Emotional? Yeah, like a four-month pregnant 17-year-old prom queen walking across the stage.

This simple story floating around the internet scares me because it paints an undeniable picture of the dumb-ass jock . . . as true. Non-debatable and undeniable. Chad appears to be as deep as potting soil, as sharp as Jell-O . . . .

As heavy as helium

For a grown-ass man, to have the shallowness to actually think these two incidents are in the same category is goofy, nonsensical . . . sad. The mere fact that a celebrities death, and a terrorist event which killed thousands . . . directly lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people – are on the same page, in the same room, relative and related – as far as Chad is concerned – tells me . . . it’s a crack head’s crackpot crack-pipe dream that today’s Black athlete will ever have the social awareness of the Afro-American athletes of the 1950′s, 60′s or 70′s.

Politically astute, intellectually curious . . . Please.

And note, Chad’s a former scholar/athlete, Ochocinco attended college, or is that notion – he attended college really just bull-sheet? Is it a given – the Black super star athlete really doesn’t attend class, doesn’t earn grades he just performs on Saturdays for that down-the-road fat-ass paycheck?

The ebony gladiator don’t need nor want no stinking education.

An indicator of Chad’s unawareness; he did race a horse for charity a couple years back. When sportswriters regarded Chad as a clown, one of the good ones . . . . Recall, this is an act Jesse Owens did to put food on the table . . . after he put Hitler in his place . . .

America put Owens back in his. I’d wager Chad is barley aware of how Owens was humbled and dehumanized . . . but hey, this dude is like TO, they like “performing” . . . top hat n’ cane, white gloves.

I’m speculating here, but Chad Johnson is one of the poster-punks, one of the many clueless clowns which Jim Brown is talking about . . . .

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think Chad knows the words to “Ben” and Rockin’ Robin, but couldn’t tell you who was a U.S. President – WEB DuBois or Thomas Jefferson.

He couldn’t tell you who Toussaint L ‘Ouverture was, thinks Napoleon is an Ice Cream. Couldn’t tell you the tallest Mountain in the U.S., couldn’t find Kansas or the Smokey Mountains on a map. . . .

Chad, tragically probably understands the history of the Jackson Five much better then he does the history of the world, so he can’t really understand the gravity, the aftermath, nor the history which brought about 9/11.

Can you say “American imperialism.” Ocho Cinco can say it, but he can’t define it. Use it in a sentence. Despite being shaped by it, he has no idea what it is . . .and that in itself is a tragedy.

But he does understand why Jermaine stayed at Motown while his brothers went to Epic.

Honestly, how clouded is my head to believe perhaps one day – today’s Black sportsmen will one day, someday, develop a social conscience, an interest in the topics that the adults are discussing over at the big table . . . .

I spent a couple of hours on the XM-Sirrus Radio last week, in the Foxxhole with Jamie Foxx’s crew, and the host, Johnnie Mack thought I was asking too much, asking the non-required of jocks – all they need to know and understand is their craft, they don’t need to know Jack shit about US Foreign or Domestic Affairs, I understood his point, but I begged to differ.

These cats’ as sports heroes, role models, they are obligated to be deeper then a rain puddle because young impressionable kids want to grow up to be just like them.

And you don’t want that to be dumb.

Wouldn’t it be say . . .

swell if Tiger or Jordan stood-up and said they wouldn’t endorse products made by child labor in Mexico, India and China, where kids get paid, but multi-national companies – in cookies instead of cash.

Or that both called press conferences to oppose the exporting of US bread-winner jobs overseas by investors in search of extreme profits by any means necessary. “What if” they refused to endorse such products?

What would have happened if Tiger and Jordan had made public statements against the War in Iraq, would less young men and women enlisted, died?

I didn’t see but a dwarf’s handful of athletes openly support Obama. Tiger nor Jordan did. Why not? Ignorance, apathy or market strategy – don’t want to offend any potential customers.

I am honestly baffled as to why today’s player does not see a world similar to the world Arthur Ashe saw. There more black men in prison then in . . . you know the dance, and so does today’s player.

Why didn’t the Black athlete step-up and brandish green in support of their Iranian brothers and sisters seeking change, seeking freedom in Iran?

Am I asking too much?

I understand they aren’t “duty bound” to tune-in, stand-up and speak-out, but they are morally, ethically obligated to those who came before them, the cats who did all the heavy lifting, who laid the concrete for the mansions they sleep in . . . to fight the power.

Fight the entrenched conservative core of American culture which is sexist, racist and elitist at its core. Use some of the fame they derive from the game – to make an impact greater then 11 babies by 10 women, ala Travis Henry.

The battles that Jackie Robinson was waging at the end of his life, 1972, the lack of Black men in coaching, managing and front-office positions, are still relevant and pertinent issues today in MLB and the NFL – yet players, both stars, studs and rank n’ file workman really remain silent when it comes to such volatile issues.

There’s no fear these bling-seeking human missiles will ever boycott or stop work over any issue but personal pay or dress code issues. They are either ignorant-of or indifferent to the world around them.

Ain’t that a bitch?

Is their no honor, no sense of history, of ones place, of who came before them, and of what they will leave behind when their days in the sun will fade . . . ?