Mason Set To Call It Quits

By Steve DeClue
Updated: July 17, 2009

BALTIMORE — While many speculated that Derrick Mason’s recent retirement announcement was just a way to force the Baltimore Ravens to extend his current contract, it seems the wide receiver isn’t looking for more cash after all.

The death of good friend Steve McNair apparently shook Mason more than anyone thought and forced him to contemplate his future.

A big part of that future is taking care of his family, and Mason is currently confused as to whether his home is in Tennessee, where he spent so many years with the Titans,, or in Baltimore, where he has been for several seasons.

Mason wants to be close to his family to be able to take care of them and has to decide where he sees them living in the future.

The Ravens are scheduled to sit down with Mason and listen to his concerns and talk him out of retirement.

It seems that Mason, even if he was thinking about retirement since the end of last season, did not make the Ravens aware that it was a possibility. The organization seemed completely floored when the announcement was made.

Mason certainly made a mistake making a decision so quickly following McNair’s death, as it didn’t allow him time to clear his head and figure out what he really wants to do.

He has left the door open to a return by saying he is 99 percent sure he is retiring, and I get the sneaking suspicion he will show up at training camp sometime in August.

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