Giving Back Just A Little Bit More

By Tony Price, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 29, 2009

BOSTON (BASN) — Well it’s been over two months since the release of “An Unsung Coach” and the quest to market promote and share the message or as I like to say the ministry of the books contents has been filled with peaks and valleys.

As a novice to the publishing game, I had no idea how difficult it would be to get the book “out there”. Of course the road would be much smoother if I had a major publishing engine paving the way, but alas my works are self published.

I cannot tell you the hundreds of emails, phone calls, and announcements I have sent to the major networks, publications, television and radio personalities many whom claim to care about the community only to receive no or minimal response.

Honestly at times I wonder if it’s all worth it, I thought I was doing what God would have me do and share my testimony and message of encouragement on how to overcome tremendous odds to create your own definition of success, but why has it been so HARD to get the message out there?

Maybe it’s because I’m not a celebrity, maybe it’s because no one wants to admit there is a problem, borderline epidemic that thousands of young people are pinning their futures on becoming pro-athletes or entertainers to no avail without a back up plan.

Maybe if I spread gossip, or slandered someone’s name, talked about all of the stuff we now call news, I’d become the next great literary sensation with a calendar filled with events and appearances. I just don’t get it at times I feel like scrapping the whole mission and jumping on the “Give the people what they want” bandwagon.

But this is not who I am, it’s funny whenever I encounter the detour of self defeat, God will send a friendly, but much needed GPS signal that directs me back to the right road. A couple of days ago, while shopping at the local grocery store, a young girl no older than 10 approached me , looked up as if I were a giant standing over 8 feet tall, I suspect from her point of view I was as she barely came to my waist and gleefully stated “I remember you, you spoke to my class”

I was taken aback , this elementary aged child remembered me coming to her classroom to share the popular TPC principles which I share in the book with her classmates and that was over eight months ago, coincidentally I also received a wonderful surprise in the mail this week, it was an envelope containing a couple of letters and reviews written by students from the various schools I visited throughout the year, they had to answer the following question, of all the speakers who visited your class this year who was your favorite and why?

They also had to rank the speakers; low and behold I ranked as the number one speaker and the favorite of quite a few.

These two experiences coupled with recent invites and requests for appearances instantly refueled my spiritual engines to continue with this labor of love.

I leave you with this thought; the results you seek when trying to fulfill your purpose may be slow to come and at times will cause you to question if you are in fact walking in the right direction, but don’t give up, if God gave you the vision press on, an keep your eyes and ears open as the rewards may come in small packages!