Coming Soon: Martellus Does Dallas???

By Kate Hairopoulos
Updated: July 15, 2009

Martellus Bennett

Martellus Bennett

FORT WORTH, Tx. — Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett said Tuesday he doesn’t see any reason to stop being himself, even if not everybody gets his jokes.

Bennett came under fire by at least one national columnist for his latest Marty B TV posting on YouTube. Bennett, who is black, staged an impromptu “Black Olympics” with his brother, Michael, a rookie free agent with Seattle.

The brothers competed in eating foods such as chicken and watermelon and drinking Kool-Aid.

“We’re like, man, we’re eating every stereotype,” Bennett said. “Let’s see who can eat the chicken fastest. … It was all fun and games.

“Stereotypes are something we deal with every day. If we make a joke about it, that’s even funnier.”

Bennett said he doesn’t pay attention to the criticism.

“They call me a racist?” he said. “Come on now. I love all races – black people, white people, green people, purple people eaters. I like ‘em all.”

Bennett, speaking at former Mavericks forward Brandon Bass’ youth camp, said some of the campers had already told him: “I bet I can eat chicken faster than you.”

Bennett said unlike a video the Cowboys fined him for in January that included profanity and derogatory references to blacks and gays, this one didn’t cross the line. He said the Cowboys have only warned him to “be careful.”

He’ll continue with Marty B TV to show “the type of person I am behind the scenes. … I’m a fun-loving guy.”

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