BASN’s Monday Boxing Notebook

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 18, 2009

Boxing IOWA CITY (BASN) — A year ago, Amir Khan just lost to Bredias Prescott in 54 seconds. This past Friday night on ESPN, both men were fighting but in different settings. Khan was challenging for Andriy Kotelnik’s version of the junior Welterweight title.

Meanwhile, Prescott was part of undefeated prospect night in Las Vegas. Khan may have lost to Prescott but he was fighting for a chance to a partial champ whereas Prescott was playing the role of prospect.

Khan began his fight aganst Kotelnik fast as he unleashed his superior feet and hand speed against Kotelnik. He repeatedly nailed his opponent body and head and he was not easy for Kotelnik to counter.

There were occasions when Kotelnik did connect Khan’s body and head but with only 13 knockouts in 31 wins, these punches had little effect on Khan. He showed boxing smarts throughout the fight and this in no smart part due to the coaching of Freddie Roach.

Khan took advantage of Kotelnik’s tendency to start slow and kept the pressure on throughout the bout. He never could into the fight.Khan is now 3-0 since losing to Prescott and now is a world champion.

His loss came at lightweight and maybe Khan is a better fighter at the higher weight. Certainly, he showed championship form.Meanwhile, Prescott suffered a roadblock in his career as he lost a decision to Miguel Vazquez.

He began the fight with a first round knockdown and it looked like the undefeated Colombian fighter would stay that way. Vazquez changed the tenor of the fight starting in the third round when his mobility confused his opponent.

He used his jab to utmost effect as he kept Prescott off balance. Vazquez won the battle of territory as he continuously seemed just out of range of Prescott’s power shots.

In the sixth round, Vazquez chased Prescott as he moved backward and nailed him with a vicious left hook. From this point, Prescott never seem in the fight as he never could corner Vazquez and the fight was only close on the scorecard because one of the judges gave the fight to Prescott.

He showed himself to be prospect with much yet to learn. One year makes a difference as just last year, Khan looked like a overrated talent whereas Prescott looked like a potential champion. One year later, Khan is a champion and Prescott is barely hanging on to a top ten ranking.

The most intriguing aspect of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights was the appearance of the network’s bowing writer, Dan Rafael, in the studio.In one of his most recent col umns, “For weeks, promoter Lou DiBella has been telling me how much Sergio Martinez wants to fight Pavlik, who is without an opponent for the fall at the moment. I think that would be an interesting fight, although a very tough assignment for both guys.”

During the fight, Teddy Atlas interviewed Sergio Mora, who was scheduled to fight Pavlik before the fight was postponed and still has a contract to eventually fight the Middleweight champion.

Mora told Atlas that he still wants to fight Pavlik and is waiting for the match to reschedule. He added that both fighters were not to fight any other opponent until the fight.

Somewhere, someone is laying out some bull and maybe Rafael might want to get to the bottom of this. He’s right about one thing — Martinez vs. Pavlik would be a difficult fight for both fighters and Mora may be the easier opponent for Pavlik.

Plus Mora vs Pavlik would be worth more dollars for Pavlik as well.