A Great Success

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 12, 2009

IOWA CITY (BASN) — “UFC 100” was a masterpiece of promotion combined with great actions.

While the main event was Frank Mir challenging Brock Lesner for the UFC heavyweight championship, the highlight may have been Dan Henderson fighting British MMA star Michael Bisping.

Henderson was a former Olympian Greco-Roman wrestler but it was not his wrestling skills that won this fight but his hands. In the first round, the pace was set as Henderson pursued and Bisping retreated.

It appeared that Bisping was fighting not to lose and this allowed Henderson to set the pace.With 1:30 left in the fight, Henderson faked a low kick which led Bisping to lower his guard and Henderson threw the perfect right hand over Bisping’s left hand to send him down.

As Bisping lay helpless, Henderson nailed Bisping with a vicious right hand as he crushed the prostrated Brit. This was one of those knockouts that will be shown time after time.

There are very few things more exciting than the knock out whether it is in the boxing ring or the Octagon. Henderson’s knockout was one of the great knockouts one could ever see.

The closet fight was the bout between Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alan Belcher. This was a fight that neither fighter could take advantage of their strengths. Between Belcher experience in Jui-Jitsu and Akiyama Judo skills, one would have expected a battle royale on the ground.

Actually this bout was even no matter where it was fought.

Belcher snapped leg kicks to Akiyama and his punches nearly closed the Japanese left eye, but Akiyama showed excellent accuracy with his own punches and his round house kicks often hit Belcher’s own head back.

This was one of those fights that could have been scored either way. I had Belcher winning 29-28 but the judges had Akiyama winning by a narrow split decision. One punch here or kick there decided the bout.

Georges Saint Pierre defended his own Welterweight title against the game Thiago Alves, but this fight was determined by experience and skills, mostly on Saint Pierre part.

From the opening minutes, Saint Pierre went for the take down and submission. In the opening round, Saint Pierre had Alves down on the ground for two minutes before Alves escaped but this set the pattern for the entire five rounds.

Alves rarely could penetrate Saint Pierre’s defenses and on many occasions, he would counter Alves punches by taking the Brazilian down.It took nearly halfway during fourth round before Alves initialed a ground attack and ended up on top but this was the only time that Alves had the advantages.

Going into the final and fifth round, Alves’ face puffed up from Saint Pierre’s punches nor could he deal with his ground game. This was an easy decision for Saint Pierre as he defended his title.

As for the main event, it was power versus skills and power won.

Mir began the bout moving and looking for openings but this lasted less than a minute as Lesner went for the take down and throughout much of the first round, Lesner kept Mir on the ground.

Mir had enough trouble keeping Lesner from pinning him and it didn’t help that Lesner attacked him without mercy on the ground. Lesner nailed Mir with vicious right hands while on top.

Mir lasted the first round but the second round, Lesner’s power dominated Mir one more time. He did nail Lesner in the opening moments with a straight right hand from his southpaw position but within seconds, Lesner had Mir on the ground.

While Mir attempted to escape; Lesner nailed him with three vicious right hands that shook Mir and after that, Lesner finished the job with several quick punches before the referee stopped the fight.

“UFC 100” will produce their own memories as Lesner defended his heavyweight title but Dan Henderson big knockout provided the excitement. Maybe to judge UFC and the mixed Martial arts, consider this.

In the late 80’s, I remember seeing the second Hearns-Leonard fight in a bar in Wichita, Kansas as part of a PPV but now it is the MMA PPV that many bars are showing.

For many bars or restaurant, it is the MMA that attracts increase audiences, something that was the purview of boxing a generation ago. UFC has helped make MMA part of many fans on Saturday night.