What Happened??

By Richard Kent, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 4, 2009

CONNECTICUT (BASN) — Serena Williams is the best tennis player in the world.

Serena Williams is woefully out of shape.

Serena Williams is fully committed to the game.

Serena Williams has too many outside interests.

Serena Williams is the best Fed Cup player in the world.

Serena Williams is not playing Fed Cup.

What is it?

Serena had another disappointing loss to a Russian at the French in the quarters. Worse still, it was she who choked at the end. When in shape, Serena is the best tennis player in the world.

But she may not care to be in shape. She has a mind blowing number of obligations during tournaments, both personal and professional. None other than Chris Evert called her out for this in 2006.

Many had thought that had changed at the 2008 U.S. Open.

Looks like it hasn’t.

Williams owes nothing to anyone at this stage of her career. She has 10 Grand Slams. She could have 20 by the end of her career, but so be it. Not too many can make the journey from Compton to Roland Garros.

Serena has many times. Unfortunately, she has come across short again.

This time to a field that she should overwhelm. Dinara Safina vs. Serena for No. 1 should be no contest, but unfortunately for Serena and her followers it is way too close of a contest.

What will Wimbledon bring? That is up to Serena and only Serena.