Straight No Chaser: Preachin’ to the choir

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: June 7, 2009

DENVER (BASN) — So I see the Tony Dungy piece in Sports Illustrated where Coach points out the critical cornerstone in a man’s life, a good, decent dad — is missing in Mike Vick’s life, as well as, dig this – millions of other Black boys.

Black men spend their lives . . . fatherless.

He breaks down the central role a father, a grandfather play in a young man’s journey. He compares and contrast NFL rookie QB Josh Freeman, whose got his head screwed on right n. tight with the help of his father — with Mike Vick, and contends a solid man is a big part of what’s missing in Vick’s life

Of course he’s on the money, dad’s are crucial to making well rounded men.

In Spock-like Vulcan logic, I was thinking the next piece is one I can hammer out on the Broncos Brandon Marshall, this young brother just can’t figure out what time it is.

He can’t seem to grasp the clock is ticking away on his ass as he rumbles, stumbles and tumbles through life . . . . Or even how Chauncy B., raised with a strong Black man in the house . . . came back home to the PH and showed Carmelo how to be a man.

But then it dawns on my Black ass . . . White America, at least most of the detached, separate and supposedly superior moral majority . . . do not , when it’s all said and done . . . give a damn about the details of a young Black person’s life.

I’m not too sure if liberal democrats really care as much as some Black folk would like to believe. Hillary’s blind hoe’s opened my eyes to that, they bitch slapped me at 2:37 in the AM one night during the Democrat’s primaries.

The power of abstract thought

, i.e., empathy, understanding, sympathy or even unwanted pity . . . you’ll get none of it from Ronald Ray-Gun’s followers. And the mere thought of a black person seeking respect . . .

mutural respect . . . that’s a crack-pipe dream.

Few people on “the Right” give a damn. Think, Republicans opposed MLK’s birthday as a national holiday, he was a communist and a womanizer. And, and, and . . . they supported South African apartheid . . . . That’s where little Dick Cheney sat on both issues and today he speaks for the disloyal opposition. End of story.

Here, let’s you and I, put one foot over here, and the other over there.

The young Black boys who steal cars and stick-up bars – they too have horrifically sad stories which sound remarkably like Vick’s childhood – in that they were dad-less. Most Republicans believe those kids to be over-feed, braided, tattooed thugs and hoes. The government programs most conservatives want to see funded – is police and prisons. They don’t give a damn.

President Obama was making inroads within the Islamic and Arab world, trying to erase the disrespectful and contemptible insults Little George and Big Dick hurled at those folks.

The world was happy, pleased, some even overjoyed with his effort- but not White men in America. No, instead today they’re pissed, asses inflamed because Obama didn’t put these Sand Niggers in their place, talk down to these little people.

They felt the same way when he left the meetings with Brown people in the Latin world.

Quit clearly, what we Progressives and Liberals all fail to get – the GOP, the political base of angry white people . . . could give a damn about Sand Nigger’s ills and woes. This country turns a deaf ear and blind eye to their plight, not because guys like Billy Graham and Richard Nixon like Jews, but because of this nation’s endless quest for control and power.

Tell me, what does it take for us to admit the obvious – Pat Buchanan, Grand Poo-Bah and official mouth piece of the Archie Bunker Ol’ School – hates Blacks, Latino Arabs, Muslims, Africans, The Chinese, Eskimos, Indians (Both) and Aborigines.

The “Right” in this country isn’t impressed with Sotomayor’s rise from the rotten core of the Big Apple, her fight for “more” against . . . them, “the Right.” Conservatives pretend the racist, sexist and elitist obstacles they placed in a poor Puerto Rican girls path to Yale, Princeton, the Supreme Court never existed.

Honestly, despite her top-of-the-class ranking, White men, like Rush Limbaugh, who he himself does not posses a higher education – has the audacity and arrogance to question Sotomayors intellectual accomplishments and abilities.

The rednecks Rush speaks for . . . don’t give a damn.

In real-life, not some show on TV, we’re, one n’ all, but a roll-of-the-dice away from having your car towed away in the middle of the nite, having your cave foreclosed on, losing our astronomical high sub-par health care . . . most Americans can’t afford. (but medical insurance for pets, yes, dogs and cats is becoming more popular every day . . . . who can afford that? ) And after all this . . . you have to have good credit to get a job now-a-days.

Ain’t that a bitch!?

This bleak picture is spelled out every day in the news, most people in the investor class, the aspiring small “a” aristocrats are well aware we’ve just witnessed a mass transference of wealth and power, in other words . . .

the rich got even richer, while the poor got even poorer.

The rich rednecks Dick Cheney and Sean Hannity speak for . . . don’t give a damn.

So, let’s step back into the locker room; can you really believe sportsfans give-a-damn Vick’s childhood was lacking a father figure? Allow me to save you the time contemplating that second grade exit exam question; No

Dungy can explain away, offer the sad “X’s” n’ “O’s” regarding Vick’s fatherless childhood. It does not matter, it’s irreverent – Vick is still a “gangsta” or “thug” in the eyes of the sportswriters at ESPN or FOX Sports.

Note, Vick came out a rough neighborhood with no criminal record until the dog fighting felonies – but that’s meaningless to envious, frustrated high school ex-jocks – turned 54 year old sports writers.

They do their drive-by with caucasian blinders, they rush past the sad facts, look the other way, get on the cell phone, change the baby’s diaper – while speeding by – so they don’t have to acknowledge the resentment and hostility this nation has for Black quarterbacks, Black presidents, Black professors, Black brain surgeons . . . .

And it sure as hell seems nobody recalls the heinous dog fighting crimes . . . were misdemeanors a few months prior to the arrest of Vick. That’s how dog-loving southerners regarded this activity, as a misdemeanor, a minor wrongdoing, disorderly conduct, a minor disturbance of the peace.

Some even dare say they smell a dead dog here, that the G-Men knew of Vick’s barbaric hobbies, but, being Black Quarterback haters like so many of their peers . . . they waited till the crime carried some serious time, before they dragged Vick thru the mud.

Nevertheless Vick’s lack of a criminal record, and lack of a father does not paint Vick as a victim in the eyes of White dudes in Boston or Austin, rather most see it as merely a reflection of his father’s shaky character, or rather lack of . . . .his mother laid down with the wrong hustler.

Might I submit this as a mind fart to ponder? The White folks of this nation either supported the pimping, exploiting and dehumanizing of Blacks, or, sat quietly by as our grand parents were mentally, emotionally, academically and physically castrated for hundreds of years. All aspects of culture, tradition, family purposefully, strategically ripped away.

Vick’s father is the product of that America. Vick’s grand father was the reflection of that America and Vick’s great grandfather was regarded as property in that America. All were deliberately stripped of their manhood, their ability to be husbands and fathers.

Outside of our own human fragility, no one is perfect, we, as a people are to this day dealing with the consequences and repercussions of being treated as valuable apes.

But no, that didn’t happen in the blue eyes of the guys Tony Dungy is attempting to enlighten. That’s yesterday’s news – historical nonsense which is both questionable and inconsequential to the folks who supported the Bush crime family, John McCain or Sarah Palin.

Those “real Americans” simply believe Blacks are shiftless and ignorant, un-educatable adult-children. Latinos’ are lazy and dumb, Arabs are sneaky, Asians are crafty and conniving.

Do you see a pattern here? Dungy’s wasting his time, preaching to the firing squad.